Surprise Your Mother with a Unforgetable Jewel

How about amaze with an unforgettable gift this mother’s day? We have prepared a special selection of pieces to enhance the brightness of these incredible women, check out!
The romantic not give up the timeless atmosphere that the pearls evoke. The combination of Stars jewelry pearls with the crystals of the rock collection Moonlight updates this classic organic gem way nothing obvious.
The jewels of the collection Season Autumn-inspired Rock bring the colors of the season through Noble Gold and cognac diamonds. The figure of the bird is represented, in pieces that combine Victorian reference and rock ‘n’ roll atmosphere.
The collection diamond commemorates the meaning Bouquet so special of floral arrangements. Delicate gold claws, gracefully designed like flowers blooming, extol the nobility of diamonds. The harmonious composition and radiant glow is seen in earrings, necklaces and rings, which makes rereading of classical aesthetics of jewelry.
The combination Fluid Gold and collection Stars is infallible. The versatile yellow gold necklace is perfect to complement any production, since a basic look with jeans and a t-shirt to an elegant party dress. And along with the jewelry Stars of gold noble and diamonds creates a striking visual effect, perfect for mothers who have a modern style.
For fans of minimalist jewelry, our suggestion is the collection Oscar Niemeyer. With versions of yellow gold and white gold with diamonds, the jewels are light and fluid, as well as the work of renowned architect.