Surfwear: a Surfer Style at the Beach

Surfwear refers to the style associated with the practice of snow sports, such as snowboarding or surfing.Formerly adopted by surfers only and mainly reserved for the beach, surfwear is available today in the city and in all seasons.For men and women casual, in the air of time.

All year round, the brush in the closet will remain

The sexy side of the surfer lies largely in the fact … that he never wraps his hair! The hair is naturally lightened by the sun, wavy with sea water and wrinkled by the wind. If you do not have the chance to buy directly from the ocean, do not panic:brands of styling products now offer sprays reproducing the effect of salty waves.As for the Californian sweep, good hairdressers have the secret of natural rendering.

In the summer, thongs you will adopt

Whether daytime on the beaches of Hossegor or in the evening in the bars of Biscarrosse, the surfer always wears flip – flops.Emblem of the cool, the tong is mixed and is associated with the shorts as well as the small beach dress.
The budding Kelly Slater gladly adopt colorful boardshorts with fantasy prints , worn with a message or monogrammed tee-shirt.Surfers, on the other hand, can wear their boardshorts directly on a colored bikini or the swimwear .The sporty and feminine contrast is sexy!

In winter, the hood you will raise

The hoodie is unrivaled to “unbind” illico a city dress a little too stiff. Surfers know it and choose it preferably colored, to brave the cold and sunny tracks.What about the surfer?She borrows the sweat of her boyfriend!
In winter, skate boots or sneakers replace the flip-flops: always flat to be comfortable.
The baggy, if it is always number one in the heart of the purists, has been replaced for some years by the chino trousers, the more trendy cut.

The strings you will tie

To perfect its surfwear look, do not skimp on the beach accessories, if possible brought back from travel.Headband carelessly knotted in the hair, cap, leather bracelets and colorful strings, or even the uncontrollable shark tooth necklace are welcome.