Super Smart Phone with High-Speed Wireless

Our Smart phone ranking mixed with the MDA Pro T-Mobile on and bowls even the Nokia 9500 elegant by the podium. We took the new leader firmly through the wringer.
Still, the world has not seen such a PDA, and such a Smart phone not yet.
T-Mobile has added properly compared to the predecessor of MDA III: UMTS, giant keys, swivel/folding screen in VGA resolution, Microsoft’s newest operating system, easy to operate and so much stamina-the manufacturer everything builds up, what the current There is Smart phone technology at areacodesexplorer. However for the price erweichenden the knee of 899 euros without a contract. Here you read, what has the new Super-Smart phone on it and where it weakens.
Phone Features: News On All Channels
The MDA Pro is as Beefy communication centre, with which you can chat and write on all types of power available.
Phone functions
SMS, MMS up to 300 KB, E-Mail, MSN Instant Messenger, Web browser and video conference-da right should be found for every occasion. A pity, that is T-Mobile (or Microsoft?) still not to a common inbox for all sorts of messages since has.
You use the phone functions quite comfortably on the touchscreen. The virtual buttons can easily replace the usual mobile phone keys when door is closed. New and very comfortable: The Pro features a speed dial for maximum 99 numbers. Profiles, however, are still missing.
After all, you have access to a small button on the adjust the volume of ring tone and speaker as well as the vibration alarm on and can turn off a laterally mounted slide immediately. Also not bad: Via voice command, you can start programs and dial numbers.
Data functions
The MDA Pro radio on (almost) all shafts: as a tri-band phone it can be used also in the United States, for Internet and messaging has become the device of GPRS, UMTS and W-LAN on the menu, so that you can choose the fastest method of transmission depending on availability. The Pro via infrared, USB or Bluetooth radio contacted the PC. The latter can give you along with an optional Bluetooth headset cable node save in your jacket pocket. The package is only a wired stereo headset that lets you make calls and can hear music.
A cradle Board not T-Mobile. She needs it, but not really, finally the PDA with display folded-up stands on the desk like a notebook.

PDA Features: Windows Mobile, Freshly Baked

The MDA Pro is one of the first devices that are equipped with the latest generation of Windows Mobile.
In version 5 (mobile phone and PDA will no longer distinguish between) supports the operating system for the first time, UMTS and integrated phone and PDA features quite comfortable. But also purely as a PDA, the Pro is a full-fledged competitor to the space deer from Palm, HP, Dell and Toshiba. The mobile versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook are also installed as a PDF-reader and Media Player of 10 ActiveSync synchronization with the PC supplies with T-Mobile in the latest version 4.0.
The large display will benefit mainly the Office functions, distributed 640 x 480 pixels (VGA) to 72 x 55 mm, either in portrait or landscape mode, depending on how you rotate the display and fold. The focus automatically switches to the MDA Pro. The 520 MHz fast XScale processor enough force on the street brings for most situations.Only when fast switching between multiple complex documents or applications, work flow device sometimes faltered.
If 128 MByte RAM and 64 MByte Rom are not enough you and your music files, for example, you can retrofit with MMC and SD cards. A memory card but not provides T-Mobile. The camera supports cards up to 2 GB.
Camera: Seeing and being seen
The MDA Pro brings equal to two cameras. Sitting in the rear a camera with 1.3 mega pixels resolution and assist a small, light, and right next to the display of a little you dimensioned for real video conferences, where you see your partner and he. The camera is shooting videos with stately 320 x 240 pixels (QVGA).

Practice: In There, It

Its previous was a pretty one, but the PDA pro put it one – because T-Mobile well does not but to praise the device as Mobile right as “Mini-Notebook”.
Facts & figures
The large display and the keyboard have taken their toll – the pain threshold is reached at the housing dimensions: 131 x 80 x 23 mm and 287 grams we have measured. You accommodate a maximum in high-volume container-pants, which should however be hardly widespread in the typical MDA clientele.
The MDA Pro has a very long breath: In the test, he held out good 6 hours GSM Dauertelefonat – all other smart phones tested by us make pass out long before.
Most users are likely to excuse the massive exterior spontaneously, if they have written the first mail. Because the built-in keyboard is very first cream and can be operated comfortably thanks to large keys with four fingers. Typos occur rarely after a short acclimatization, because the buttons respond to reliably and with clear pressure point.
The user can operate the Pro in two ways: either folded up like a notebook or with the to display as a PDA. In the latter case, the operation almost exclusively via the running touchscreen, whose structure has changed little about even with the most recent version of the operating system. More comfortable the Pro can be but in the “notebook”mode, because there are also two softkeys available: the right always opens the context menu with the available functions, the left is contextually important features directly available. For example, it can be changed with him in the calendar between day, week, month and year view.
Speaking of calendars: Although the Pro in comparison with the reportedly MDA synchronized quite slowly, but as compared to the 9500 it comes but quite quickly from the field: 3 minutes and 43 seconds he needed to transfer our 1,000 point set contacts via USB. Via infrared or Bluetooth takes a few seconds longer.
Clear that the VGA resolution affects very pleasant: the smooth contours and the crisp sharp font display are simply fun. In the light, however, it is lacking: the MDA just lights up with mediocre power and also the contrast can do not stink up against really good phones.
The MDA itself sounds quite noisy and your words come but pretty quiet with decent sound, when the conversation partner. The built-in handsfree could do with a bit more pressure. He is rather an emergency because as a permanent solution.

Conclusion: Froth Communication Centre

Bull’s eye: T-Mobile has a bit improved to not just at the MDA III but developed equal to a completely new device, which can be comfortable to communicate on all channels and that sovereign lands on number 1 in the test rankings.
The MDA Pro dominates all current Transfer techniques from infrared to UMTS and is so well prepared for versatile message traffic. T-Mobile has satisfied an unpleasant taint of MDA III: the Pro now also has comprehensive features related to short-and voice dialing, and voice control.
too as a PDA the Pro on the amount of time: its XScale processor has enough muscles to the supplied programs such as Pocket Word, to deal with rapidly Excel and PowerPoint. And thanks to the new operating system Mobile 5.0 Microsoft is smoother to operate the device even busier than previous Microsoft smartphones.
In the Practice proves to be the MDA Pro as a big, heavy and bulky-but for that he compensated the user with a large display and a very comfortable keyboard, which makes it much more fun than many other smartphones button keyboards. His stamina is also that of all competitors in the shade.