Summer Fashion Shoes

Women’s Shoes–Featured Trends In Summer 2014

The 2013 winter has barely begun, but are the 2014 spring/summer collections that are already coming to stores. Cold regions of the country can be that these models may cost a little more to parade through the streets, but it’s worth ensuring your Favorites in advance. See what are the models of shoes that promise to be hit and that are investment this season:
For the summer of 2014, among the big bets are the Sandals Gladiators type. They have already made successful some seasons ago and now, this year, are returning with everything for the trends. They can be discreet or daring. The most basic feature many cops, but focus only on foot. Already, the most elaborate feature take that leg go up, some go to the knees, explained by NONPROFITDICTIONARY.
Another model that is worth the investment in this summer are the sandals with thick heels and median. They are great for day to day, as more informal occasions, however you want to be well presented. The jump is charming and comfortable at the same time. They generally feature get thicker too, what characterizes this weather stripped-chic.
The Sandals of thin strips are another strong bet. They arise basically with a strap that passes over all fingers and another that makes around the ankle. The your jump is tall and thin, ideal for occasions that require a more elaborate production, such as dinners and evening parties.