Summer Fashion for Pregnant Women: Bathing Suits, Dresses, Blouses and Shorts

Comfort and sensuality are two words that are frequently used during pregnancy, and less when we talk about your body in bikini, swimsuit bathroom or short dresses. For this reason, and just in time for the arrival of the summer, we have compiled this list of fashion for pregnant women and swimsuits for pregnant women, to make you feel comfortable and sexy in these hot days.

Summer Fashion For Pregnant Women Bathing Suits, Dresses, Blouses And Shorts

1. Pregnant bikini

Pregnancy curves do not usually take the calendars or covers of the magazines of swimwear, but same can look sexy with a bestaah maternity bikini.
While your tummy does not interfere with the normal bikinis, remember that belly is not the only thing that grows during pregnancy. A pregnant bikini gives you greater support in the chest, fits better to your hips, emphasizes your attributes, and gives you more freedom of movement while still being attractive.

2. Swimwear tankini style

The tankini is a solution between the bathroom one piece dress and bikini: is a swimsuit two parts in which top looks like a strapless Jersey and cover your belly, giving you coverage and easy at the same time. While it is quite demure, the styles are more versatile.

3. Maternity bathing suits stylized

Swimsuits for pregnant women tend to be larger, but it also opens the possibility of creating more styles, cuts and folds. Unlike swimsuits for girls of tiny bodies, the appeal of these pieces is their design and how to emphasize your status, what do not reveal.

4. Traditional one-piece styles

Maternity in one piece bathing suits are ideal for swimming in pregnancy and if you require mobility – perhaps play or run behind your children – without worrying that something is out of place. These styles are more traditional, though colors, thickness of the shoulder straps and chest cut makes them attractive.
5. Maternity summer dresses
Being pregnant during the summer brings certain challenges, how to keep you cool while your hormones and extra weight that you sofoques, and the change in the length of your traditional dresses with your tummy from through. Dresses for pregnant women in this section help you to deal with these problems to look and feel sexy.
6. Maternity shorts
Perhaps your last summer shorts zippers not already close, and the heat is too much for using your Maternity pants, but that doesn’t mean that you should limit yourself to shorts sport with elastic waists. There are also shorts – similar to those of the women who are not pregnant – which combine style, comfort and enough space for your tummy.
7. Maternity spaghetti straps
The styles of blouses for pregnant women are as varied as the catwalks girls clothing – only that stretched a little more. Maternity clothing is no longer confined to giant tents and boring cutting in the form of “A”; Now we have set styles, bright colors, printed funny and innovative details.