Style During Maternity: Mom Fashion!

For future moms who think style during pregnancy means a leggings and smocks, pay enough attention in our tips for dressing well during pregnancy-with more than just elastic tissues and cotton
You have to prepare for the arrival of your baby doing pre-natal examinations, decorating the baby’s room, worrying about the choice of motherhood. In the middle of everything that you can think of fashion, your head will be concentrating probably in your baby’s clothes.

Without leaving the pregnant woman helpless, we selected some fashion tips (see more on and style for pregnancy-and also somepregnant hiperestilosas to you be inspired.
Are you ready to discover a paradise of fashion possibilities in your closet? Come with us!
Basic fashion tips: pregnant

  • At the beginning of the pregnancy you don’t need to worry too much in buying new clothes or adjust their old.Until the fourth or fifth month belly still doesn’t look so big to the point of asking for a new wardrobe-it also means many expenses for nothing!
  • For an early pregnancy style, choose pieces that add value to what all women always want to hide: the belly (“my” just for a few months!).Without Elmo, consider adapting looks to your new body with his plays pre pregnancy.
  • Around the fifth until the seventh month possibly you will need to adjust your wardrobe or buy some new parts.Not only the belly grows quite as hip woman also increases, asking pants with elastic waistband, for example.In this step, try to enjoy your old clothes as possible.
  • In the final stretch, from the eighth month when usually gain more weight and the breasts and belly grow even more.Comfort and convenience are key, so bet more than ever in the dresses.
  • Time to buy clothes for pregnancy, always consider using the items after your baby is born so I don’t end up making an investment.

Tip: regardless of the stage of pregnancy, invest in your well-being and self-esteem: take care of the body, skin, hair. Style is not just dress well!
Bet on:
Dresses- they are comfortable, feminine and enhance your curves! Abuse of all that you have in the cupboard, is during the summer or winter. The best model? The marked waist and free!
Pantyhose- take the opportunity to use them with their dresses during the winter!
Leggings – it doesn’t have to be that model hit the gym! They are comfortable, will accompany you during the weight gain and can also be used after pregnancy! The test of practicality? A legging with mouth slightly open + + sneaker regatinha and you already have a look out!
Accessories- earrings, necklaces, belts (mainly for leaving the belly more marked) and every kind of accessory that you have available to: abuse.