Study Says That Alcohol in Pregnancy Can Change Baby’s Face

Pregnancy is a unique and special moment in the lives of all women who when they discover that they are generating a life within themselves should be double caring, avoiding certain habits that can impair pregnancy like ingesting alcohol because this can even change the face of child.

Study Says That Alcohol in Pregnancy Can Change Baby's Face

Studies in Australia state that small doses of alcohol during pregnancy can change the baby’s face.

If the pregnant woman does not respect this phase and go out with friends to enjoy and drink, even if it is not enough, she should know that it is very likely that her baby will be born with a different face than if she had a healthy pregnancy away from addictions.

Almost 2,000 women were followed during pregnancy and childbirth.

Of the pregnant women studied, 27% consumed a little alcohol during pregnancy, photos taken of the faces of the babies born to these women brought subtle facial differences compared to the faces of the babies of women who had no addiction.

Alcohol Damage in Pregnancy

When pregnant women take only two doses per week of drinks babies can be born with certain changes in the face.

Nothing compared when alcohol is consumed in excess, in which case the damage can be much greater.

Many pregnant women end up ingesting alcohol against a medical recommendation that pregnant women can not drink alcohol at all during the nine months of pregnancy.

Some end up ingesting alcohol early in pregnancy because they are not pregnant.

The major damages that can be caused to the baby with alcohol consumption in pregnancy are: growth retardation, low birth weight, central nervous system anomalies, behavioral and cognitive impairment, seizures, microcephaly, fetal death, hearing loss and vision.

Alcohol in pregnancy can still lead to premature birth, congenital abnormalities, learning difficulties, changes in the face such as the upper lip, small fissures in the eyelids and short nose, among other things.

Problems that occur with the consumption of alcohol during pregnancy may, in addition to impairing the child’s development at birth, may also manifest throughout life, leading to serious health problems in the future.

So pregnancy is serious thing, and even knowing that women are getting pregnant earlier, many even in their teens.

It is important to be aware that you are carrying a life that has the right to be born healthy, so if you have decided not to be a mother and are pregnant avoid alcohol and other addictions that can harm the baby’s life.