Steel carabiner (8)

Steel carabiner – for toughest operations

Steel carabiners have a very heavy though, but for that, they are also most responsible. Because often used as deflecting carabiner Toprope climbing or for permanent use in climbing courses. Steel carabiners are characterised by an enormous load capacity and offer breaking load values, where normal aluminum carabiner would no longer withstand. Steel carabiners therefore preferentially in the climbing and mountain running for school or for the clamping of Slacklines are used due to the extremely hard material properties.

Steel carabiners are tough

Steel carabiners fail much more difficult by the weight than comparable large models made of aluminium. For Steel carabiner deposit but also safety, highest strength and a significantly better abrasion resistance in the pan. Steel carabiners prove their strengths especially with permanent axial loads, have even reserves, where other carabiner already give up but also with cross and open loads. And once the forces runs out of the material made of hardened steel, then it breaks not abruptly, but “only” slowly bends up.