Spotify: Free access for Tesla vehicles

The music service Spotify is Tesla thanks to a unique collaboration in the future for all owners of vehicles of electric car maker available. The latest software update of Spotify to the actually paid premium offer, directly integrated into the entertainment system of the Tesla cars. The built-in LTE modem of the cars is used for Internet access. Owners would no additional costs, declared Spotify Manager Jonathan Tarlton.

Music streaming: test results in detail

14 images to the results of Tesla brought so far nearly 100,000 vehicles of its Sedan model S on the road, running just the market introduction of the new SUV model x Spotify cooperated for integrating its service already with other carmakers such as BMW, but not on such a scale. The Swedish company is regarded as market leader among the streaming services, where comes the music directly from the network. According to recent figures from the summer 2015, Spotify has about 75 million users, of which 20 million money as subscription customers pay.

Connected car: news of CES 2016

18 images to the image gallery partner Tesla music streaming has been the provider RDIO. The company was, however, took the money from the American Internet radio service Pandora’s mid November 2015. In the USA the Spotify integration at Tesla is not initially available, but to follow.
Premium accounts in the car can be used
Tarlton made no information on what vehicle data accesses Spotify. The music, the system stores partially above so that it does not abort on radio holes. The premium accounts paid by Tesla are usable only in the car, but link to an existing or new subscription account to access playlists for example. (With material of the AP.)