Spain Win the Euro Cup 2012

Spain WINS Euro 2012, is that the conclusion of the German Institute. Research has shown that countries with the highest market value, win the tournament. The German Institute on 2012/08/06 published results of a study of the issue or team with the highest market value has the best chance to win the tournament.

Spain win
According to the results of the survey in 2012, Spain to triumph at the European Championships. The players have a total market value of 658 million euros. The market value of Spain is much higher than in Germany. Germany comes in second place, with a market value of EUR 459 million.Netherlands ends in the survey in seventh place with a total market value of 277 million euros. That this theory may be right has already shown in the past. In 2006, Italy had the highest market value in the World Cup and also won the tournament. In 2010, Spain became world champion, even if they had the highest market value. In addition, Spain won Euro 2008, also because they had the highest market value. At the bottom of this text is a graph that shows the market in each country.
But this theory is something negative. If it’s really the team with the highest market value masters, then logically the team with the second-highest market value must finish in second place. Take the example of the football World Cup 2010. In 2010, the Netherlands was second in the WORLD CUP, while the Netherlands is not among the five belonged to the market value of the players. About winning the tournament would really depend on market values, Netherlands, logically, would have ended up in fifth position. This shows that football is an unpredictable sport where you never can relate the outcome of figures from a study. It is still a form of the game, the outcome just firm when the referee blows the final match.
Although Spain as one of the potential winners are seen by many football analyst and the results of this research will not say anything about the actual winner of the European Championship. Netherlands has shown during the 2010 World Cup for football characteristics that market value is not important.The winner of the Championship will only be known when 01-07 after the final.
While the first matches in the group stage play and put Spain expectations is not yet in the real world. They have played on 2012/10/06 a draw against Italy with 1-1. It is too early to draw any conclusions about the theory. Whether this is true or not is determined first by EM on 01-07-2012.Spain is currently second in the group stage, it would mean that they move on to the next round.Netherlands in the first match of the 2012/09/06 lost to Denmark and has thus created a huge surprise.Nearly all predicted that the Netherlands would win in Denmark, in fact, they expected that the Netherlands would reach the final. Netherlands has now lost the first match is difficult for Orange to qualify for the next round.
On Sunday, 17-06-2012 Netherlands permanently disabled for the tournament, they lost to Portugal, thus, qualify for the quarter-finals, it was no longer possible.
On 18-06-2012 Spain has put the next step toward a possible renewal of the title. They won in Croatia and thus stood for the quarterfinals.
On 01-07-2012 prediction of solidified, Spain won the European Championship. In the final, Spain defeated Italy 4-0.