Sony Reveals Prototype Tablet Touchscreen Electronic Paper for Students

The company will begin testing the new product in Japan by the end of 2013 and intends to replace notebooks used by students to take notes in class
Sony revealed, in Japan, a prototype tablet with 13.3-inch screen, with a focus for students. The new product has electronic ink screen (e-ink), similar to that found in e-book readers like the Kindle. A Stylus pen to make notes, will accompany the new product. As this is a prototype, Sony has not yet announced the price of the product.
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New tablet from Sony, focused on education, wants to replace notebooks
inRead invented by Teads
According to the company’s press release, the tablet has the same screen size of A4 sheets of paper and allow students to make notes in notebooks and PDF files stored on the device. The product has just 6.8 mm thickness and weighs 385 grams.
The new Sony tablet will come to market with 4 GB of internal memory, plus memory card that will allow you to expand the space for file storage. The product will have Wi-Fi connection, which will allow students to share notes with each other. In addition to using the product to store notes, you can read e-books, particularly textbooks created especially for the product.
According to Sony, the tablet with e-ink screen will begin to be tested in three universities in Japan by the end of 2013. With the tests, the company will make some adjustments in the product before it reaches the market. Sony hasn’t reported offers the product directly to schools and universities, or if the device will go on sale to domestic consumers as well. The company did not announce the release date.
E-reader with big screen
It is the first device with screen e-ink electronic paper of 13 inches ever produced. In General, the e-readers with similar screen technology come to market with 6 inch screen, since they must be thin and light to allow users to carry in your pocket or purse to read books.
The Sony offers an e-reader model in the U.S. market currently, the Sony Reader. The product is priced at $130 (R $262), has 6 inch screen, 1.3 GB memory plus memory card of up to 32 GB. The model does not allow use of Stylus pen.
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