Some of The Curiosities of The World Android That Perhaps You'Ve Not Fallen

The original title of this article would be “curiosities of the world Android that can be that you’ve not fallen, or can, but I tell them you like”, but it was too long. The case is that Android and your entire environment is full of curiosities, some tired known, but others may not so.
There are some well known as, for example, that the operating system is called Android due to Andy Rubin, one of the bigwigs of the company, due to He had been given the nickname of “Android”, I hope that in a way loving because but sure gives them a Campion of cyborg amending them the cranial structure. Below we show you some of the not so well known.

Android versions have not always had dessert or sweet name

This, oddly enough, is true, has not always had dessert name. There were two previous versions, Alpha and Beta that, obviously, he had a separate public name, then they started to put names of desserts to all different versions of Android. But… wait, a moment, all do not.
Probably it has been overlooked by the fact that it’s an exclusive version for tablets, but Android 3.0, Honeycomb, called no name of dessert. Honeycomb is, literally, honeycomb, and unless you have love to eat bees diaper after every meal, I do not think that we can consider that a dessert.
As additional curiosity, Android Honeycomb had two additional updates (with the same name): versions 3.1 and 3.2. This exclusive version for tablets was released in February of 2011, two days before it is put on sale the first tablet with this version, the Motorola Xoom.

Samsung began selling fish, fruits and vegetables

Like many actresses begin (or so they say) as waitresses, not all manufacturers of smartphones starting in this business, there are even, in its origin, is dedicated to technology. One of the examples is Samsung, at present (for better or worse) is the Android manufacturer which has more sales.
In 1938 Samsung was founded as a company to was dedicated to the sale and export of fruit, vegetables and fish Beijing to Manchuria. The company was evolving, becoming, some 30 years later, to begin making their first steps in this technology based Samsung Electronics, becoming so valued as Sony.
A few years later founded the section of smart phones, Samsung Mobile, and the first offspring of this creation was the Samsung Omnia, a creature that was running Windows Mobile 6.1. The first Android, however, was the Samsung Galaxy running Android 2.1, shortly before the start to climb to the top with the Galaxy S to the current Galaxy S7 Edge.

Do those zombies have an iPhone?

As Android concerns the “easter eggs”, or Easter eggs, started to become popular from Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Since then, whenever our operating system changed name, was hiding an easter egg different fitting with the name of the version of Android.
Possibly the first easter egg was the most “chilling” of all that Android could be seen, and is that the Gingerbread was in an Android with a gingerbread man pint of biting a little quite and, behind them a few terrible zombies willing to eat them and… would talk on the phone?
The funny thing is that all these zombies were talking on the phone, and It is speculated that they were iPhones, leaving a pullita people from Apple. It is that the primary instinct of a zombie today is to use the phone before eating the living. I guess that if you are not connected at this time, you do not exist nor as a zombie.

What is the S Samsung Galaxy S family?

Samsung Galaxy family dates back to time immemorial, specifically to the Samsung Galaxy, no lyrics or anything. After it came the Galaxy Spica and, in the summer of 2010, the first Samsugn Galaxy S. Since then, all those high-end smartphones would have this S coo last name, and (if) the name Note to the phablets.
The S has always been a mystery to many, but some time later they learned that the S meant “Super Smart” and it was dedicated to its highest range. Never again mentioned this term and became known to the family as the Galaxy S. imagine that the Edge S6 + is called Samsung Galaxy Super Smart 6 Edge +, more than one perish due to lack of oxygen.

1 + 3 equals 4, and but that is to say OnePlus

This relatively recent Chinese manufacturer called OnePlus sounds, they filian oppo? To Yes? Answers, please I ask you, do not leave me on tenterhooks! This manufacturer was born to lie to all the other “flagship” of the most traditional manufacturers. And how is proposed to do so? Offering a great hardware at a price of laughter.
But what is the title of this part? It is suitable for the most intelligent mathematical curiosity, i.e., those who are reading me and many more people (ball inside). And it is that it is easily deductible if you translate the name of the manufacturer OnePlus (one more) and the number of the device (3 the most current).
If we add this we have that 1 + 3 is 4, and OnePlus 3 is the fourth terminal, with what we could build a conspiracy theory in which the OnePlus X could be a terminal of filler to make that future devices will fit with the sum. It is a nonsense, but it seems to make sense before the denial to a successor of the OnePlus X.
This post is open to more references. If you have any curiosity not mentioned here, or just want to say that I have been, your comment is welcome.