Softshellwesten – freedom of movement guaranteed!

Whether a hike through a beautiful scenery of the Alps, a strenuous trekking tour or a long bike ride – Softshellwesten are an ideal companion. You warm the upper body and guarantee full freedom of movement during sport activities. In the backpack is a softshell vest quickly stowed and takes away space. A softshell vest is the ideal solution when a jacket is too much and it is constantly moving. Softshellwesten is characterized by a windproof fabric that is still highly breathable. It is as nice and warm on the upper body and the skin can breathe nevertheless. Body moisture is directed away from the skin to the outside and to evaporate on the surface of the jacket. Directly on the body, it remains dry and warm. The light Softshellwesten do not complain and still pleasantly warm. They often consist of a quick-drying fabric, not fully be sucking with moisture. You are water repellent, waterproof in some cases even up to a certain extent. What distinguishes a softshell vest?
Usually a softshell vest consists of several layers. The inner layer is often slightly roughened and soft and therefore very comfortable to wear. The outer layer protects against wind and is also water resistant up to a certain extent. Therefore the softshell vest is ideal for moderate temperatures. Softshellwesten can be ideal with a T-Shirt, Longsleeve or Fleeceoberteil combine. The softshell vest warms the upper body stable. Especially in stop-and-go tours, this is ideal, so you do not quickly cools during the breaks. The vest must not be off also again during each break, as continuous proper ventilation ensures a pleasant wearing comfort. The material is usually very robust and abrasion-resistant, so that’s good to withstand even a backpack on his shoulders. A high stretch ensures unrestricted freedom of movement. Also, the drying time is shortened by the spandex.

Differences in the material

Depending on which outdoor activity is planned – Softshellwesten is available in different materials. Softshellwesten suitable for tours on which you can take with very little luggage, from very fine, breathable materials. While some West consist of an intelligent material mix. Combine a windproof front, with a breathable back! One is on a climb on the road, where it can be really cold, you should pay attention to a warming inner lining or a slightly thicker material. Some Softshellwesten come with laminated seams and hold longer wind and water. She don’t match up to a Hardshellweste in terms of weather protection, but is completely in drizzle or light snow sufficiently. < br / > advise our customer service about the matching Softshell vest for the respective projects!