Softshellhosen (240)

Hard shell, soft core: Softshellhosen

Soft shell jackets have quickly conquered the world of outdoor sports. They are comfortable and durable, at the same time light and air-permeable. Also, they have good thermal performance, because they can reliably protect against wind and hold water. When soft shell: “Jacket as pants!” Softshellhosen share with the material of course all advantages of jackets: they are extremely resilient and provide a high wearing comfort. On the skin a Softshellhose feels soft and comfortable, similar to that of Fleecehosen. In addition, Softshellhosen are elastic, so that one can move very well in them. Its outer material, however, is very robust and resistant. Softshellhosen make a versatile companion you can use fine in mountaineering the combination of these nearly opposite properties.

What wardrobe needs a Softshellhose?

Worth the purchase for those who put on sturdy material and want to have fun outside even in less comfortable temperatures and that without limitation! In many cases the Softshellhose eliminates the need, even the use of a ski or snow pants because it offers enough protection from snow and cold. Have Softshellhosen of less volume and are much more elastic. These properties, for example, when you’re climbing very positive affect, especially in demanding terrain.
In addition, Softshellhosen have more impressive properties, for example, Softhell is a very durable material. Like new while hiking pants often tear, if they come in contact with rock – such as the ascent climbing – Softshellhosen look after such incidents.
Whether for climbing, hiking, snowshoeing or skiing – there are a wide range of models specifically tailored to the various sports. Does not mean however, that you really need a special Softshellhose for every kind of sport. You can with a Softshellhose, which originally as ski touring pants purchased, also excellent hiking and climbing. It’s worth however, to invest, at least in a winter and a summer model because the heat output of the material varies.

The fabric of the Softshellhosen are made

Softshellhosen consist of powerful high-tech fabric that was specifically designed for the needs of outdoor athletes. For example, soft shell is very breathable and simultaneously reliable protection from the wind. In addition, it is soft, elastic and allows freedom of movement. When one thinks of the system, which long has prevailed in mountain sports, a Softshellhose can replace the properties of the two outer layers depending on the weather.
Depending on processing and material Softshellhosen are rather warm and permeable to air or wind repellent and durable. To keep out light precipitation – snow or rain. But they are definitely not a substitute for rain protection. Their outer layer is an abrasion-resistant textile fabric, the inner layer is about fleece moisture conductive fine velour. That’s why Softshellhosen feel very pleasant on the legs and can replace in addition to the actual pants also feature his underwear.