So Her Hidden Photos And Videos On Your iPhone Or iPad

Do you have photos or videos on the iPhone or iPad that otherwise go something anyone? Then hides – and correctly! iOS, while provides the option to hide images, places the files but only in the freely accessible album “Hidden”. Who wants to go really safe, need the right app.
Hide Photos In Ios
From iOS 8 have iPad iPhone users the option of photos or videos of the usual photo collections to include or exclude. Keep for the finger longer on a picture, type in the drop-down menu click “Hide”, and then click ‘Hide photo’. In the albums overview your iOS image gallery, you will now find the image in the folder “Hidden”. Which is freely accessible for anyone with device access unfortunately.
If you want to hide private shots consistently from the eyes of other people, you need an app such as, for example, secret photo & video calculator. There are alternatives, such as apps photo + video vault or HiFolder (free and Pro). In this example, we show how, photo & video calculator makes your photos with secret invisible.
So Her Hidden Photos And Videos On Your iPhone Or iPad

Cover For Your Private Photo
You can find the free app secret photo & video Calculator in the app store. The number of files is limited with the free version, which you can hide. Also, an export or parts only with the paid version is feasible. You delete the app, prior to the export of images disappear also the recordings is hidden.
Nice idea: the program itself well camouflaged named calculator + app overview appears. So who takes your iPhone in hand and looking for private recordings, anticipates which I guess not behind a calculator icon. In addition, the gallery with a password is protected.
Comfortably Hide Photos In Albums
Opens the app after installation. The program will ask you immediately after the desired PIN number. Now just enter your code in the supposed calculator and confirms the input by tapping the “%”-character. This percent sign, the door to your photo hideout will be also in the future.
You organized footage in this app in albums. Top right tap the plus sign, and creates a new, secret storage place “New album” and the subsequent input of a desired name. Confirm with “Done”.
SHIFT And Blot Out
Opens an album and again top right tap the plus sign. Choose “Camera” If you want to take photos directly from within the app and keep them hidden in the selected album. Alternatively, the path of previously stored recordings under “Photo Library” leads you. Puts a check mark that should be hidden in all the photos. After importing into the “Calculator”, you should delete the private recordings from the ordinary image gallery. Remember that these gallery images may already be with iCloud are synced.
Connects your iPhone with iTunes on your computer to transfer photos easily. Your iPhone in iTunes chooses to do so, enters the app launcher, and selects the entry calculator + out in the file sharing area. Now over “Add folder…” select whole file folders or individual images for transmission and complete the operation with “Sync”.

  • It makes unable to find photos and videos app secret photo & video calculator IOS with the
  • Opens the app, typing an access code and confirm your input with the “%” character
  • Later you’ll come through the “%” key to the private recordings
  • With the “+” sign above creates your new album
  • Within an album that brings you “+” sign to the image picker
  • Selects the device stored images on “Photo Library” or “Camera” shoots new within the app
  • Connects your iPhone with iTunes on a computer to transfer comfortable multiple photos at once