Snowmobile Avalanche Backpack Reviews

Avalanche backpacks for more safety in the backcountry

Travel through untouched snow landscapes is an unforgettable experience. In the Alpine area but whatever the suddenly rising avalanche danger. Avalanche backpacks are one of the foundations here to deal with this threat. As avalanche backpacks offer the possibility to carry more equipment to the avalanche safety with him and have mechanisms that significantly improve the chances of survival in the case. In many cases, an avalanche backpack can decide about their own survival and that of the Tour partners.

Avalanche backpacks with airbag system

No probe or-schaufel helps the Tour partners if it is buried under an avalanche. Therefore, many avalanche backpacks have so-called avalanche airbags. These work the same way as airbags in cars. A large air cushions will inflate raised within fractions of a second. This air cushion should ensure that the person concerned on the avalanche swims up and is not buried under it.
The airbag is activated it using an Auslöseriemens on the shoulder strap. Also a release by means of remote control by the other members of the tour is possible when individual systems.

Avalanche airbags

Avalanche backpacks which allow the victim track the residual air which is it available, to leverage another way. Snow, even in wet snow avalanche consists to over 50% of air. Systems, like the AvaLung system by black diamond, this air take advantage.
This creates an artificial breathing cave through a breathing tube system. This system air breathing is extracted from the snow and return when the exhalation valve on the back. Increases the chances to be recovered alive this much.

More facilities

All good avalanche backpacks offer more equipment for the avalanche rescue with him to lead the way. These include in particular the beacon, avalanche probe and an avalanche shovel. The amenities of avalanche backpacks varies a lot, depending on the respective request and the size of the purse. Some backpacks with additional back protectors that protect your back during a possible impact, are so equipped. In addition, some models have well insulated hydration systems that work reliably even after many hours on snow and ice.
Despite all technical refinements every good avalanche backpack can replace but not a careful planning and sufficient experience in the assessment of the site.