Snow shoes

On snow shoes through the snowy winter landscape

, The fascination of snow year after year attracts more crowd captivated. The trend is easy to explain, if you must keep the benefits in mind, the snow shoes to bring. A snowshoe greatly increases the contact surface on the snow and effectively distributes body weight. So it thrives well in deeper snow, without sinking.

Snow shoes are the right choice for anyone who likes to wander off well-prepared tracks through winter landscapes or are looking for an alternative to ski touring. Snow shoes are flexible and pull a high material or cost. You need ski, even special shoes nor climbing skins. Ski or tour sticks, as well as the obligatory avalanche equipment for alpine terrain are everything you need for his tour of additional equipment. Snowshoe hiking is equally interesting for children, adults and seniors, the movement skills are fast to learn, and it amounts to a sense of achievement in a very short time. So can be experience and enjoy the winter in all its facets.
Of course, snow shoes not only for climbers are suitable, are like comfortable walking. They bring great benefits too ambitious mountain enthusiasts in the winter. For ice climbers, they are a welcome help for the climb to remote ice falls. Its great advantage is that they use with same hiking boots, which are worn also during the climbing. Snowboarders appreciate the flexibility of lightweight snowshoes which enable a rapid ascent and can be attached at the exit of the backpack. This one comes as snowboarders enjoy deep-snow slopes, which are available only with touring skis.

Plastic snowshoe or maybe aluminum? The choice

depending on the purpose and nature of the terrain, there are different snowshoe models. You will be well advised as a beginner with a low-priced entry-level model for easier hikes in the plane and on undulating terrain. More difficult terrain requires a robust professional model with sophisticated technical details. The snow shoes in plastic models, and those with an aluminum frame differ fundamentally. For tourists, it’s where every gram, there are also variants with carbon components – ultra stable and ultra light.
, An aluminum snowshoe consists of a lightweight aluminum frame with a plastic covering which provides lift in snow. You similar to the traditional wood models, already the North American Indians who used for locomotion in snow-covered landscapes in form and function. Used these snow shoes-art especially in deep snow and on easier terrain.
Plastic snow shoes
come in different variations, from the simple entry-level model to the sport unit for extreme alpine tours. They consist of a hard and cold stable plastic material. They are available in different sizes and with various accessories. For tours in alpine terrain, you should basically access to a model with Harsch’s claw and climbing aid. The platform is a bracket in the heel area that hinged upwards. This relieves the calf muscles effectively and significantly simplifies the rise. The crampons are similar to the front teeth of a climbing shoe and make sure that you can find still good grip in hard snow and Harsch.

Snowshoes – winter fun for everyone

With the purchase of his snow shoe you should make sure to choose a model that is adapted to the individual weight range. Basically, it can be said that heavy people to variants with larger bearing surface should access. Often, there are different models for men and women, which differ in length and shape. Of course the optics is also a snowshoe and so there are women’s models with beautiful patterns by many manufacturers now.
No matter whether strenuous tour in the high mountains or leisurely hike through the Valley, snow shoes offer the opportunity to experience the winter in the mountains every mountain enthusiasts. From the grandson to the grandfather – snowshoe hikes are fun for the whole family.