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Fast and secure: the snap karabiner

A snap snap has no lock, but as the name suggests, a snap closure. The Snappers snap-action carabiners is loaded with a spring. To open the latch is pressed just inside. This allows a simple clipping of the snap carabiner if it has to go quickly. The snap karabiner is a good choice – for example for all intermediate backups where no permanent backups are needed. A snap-action carabiners or preferably a good selection from multiple snap-action carabiners should be part of any well-equipped climbing equipment!

Which snap karabiner is there and what must they can?

Snap snap comes in different sizes which should be chosen depending on the application and your own preferences. However, some properties are important for all snap snap. A snap-action carabiners should be quickly and safely to clipping and lie comfortably in the hand – immerhi it must be often quickly and can be operated with one hand.
In addition, snap snap should be robust and have a high breaking load. High-quality snap-action carabiners are essential for the climbing equipment!