Smartwatch of China Worth It?

What’s a smartwatch? It’s a smart watch that proposes some functions that are usually found on a cellphone, heart monitor and smart bracelet. He proposes a legal experience for those who do not want to take the phone out of pocket to make calls, to see notifications and he can also use the camera from his cellphone to take pictures.
Among the functions you have in smartwatch at are:
The pedometer – a step counter that will show you how much you walked or ran.
A odometer–he’ll show you the distance you’ve traveled.
The stopwatch–will show how long you’ve traveled.
Altimeter–you will show the height under the sea level you are.
In Brazil it is possible to buy a smart watch (smartwatch) from manufacturers such as LG, Sony, Apple and Samsung, however for a price ranging from R $800.00 to R $2,500.00, nothing affordable compared to the price of similar products sold in GearBest.
The model below was tested for 1 year, being used almost every day for exercises like academy and Racing.
Product Link: our site.
Smartwatch Tested–Rwatch M26
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Quality of Smartwatch Rwatch M26
Appearance and quality: The quality is not premium, the appearance is not as beautiful as the image above, but the appliance is quite functional and durable.
Screen: The touchscreen works very well, even with moist fingers. The brightness of the screen leaves to be desired if used in environments with sufficient illumination. The fabric Although it seems fragile, it is well resistant even more if used with the accompanying films. The films were used for 10 months and even without them, the screen did not suffer any risk or scratch so far.
Bracelets: Although they are not so beautiful, they are also well resistant and did not need to be exchanged for 1 year of use.
Battery: What was no longer good, decreased in about 4h to 6h its duration time. Initially it lasted easy 24h without using it much, now lasts around 6:00 p.m.
System: It is functional, but not beautiful or not well designed. The icons and fonts are pretty ugly, but nothing that doesn’t get used to. You have options between the clock screens and you will want to use them.
Applications that come in smartwatch
Bluetooth–function to synchronize with the smartphone.
Bookmark–allows you to make calls using your cellphone through the smartwatch. It would be much more helpful if you allowed the use of headphones, otherwise the whole call can be heard as if you were on speakerphone.
Messages–it is very helpful to those who are on the bus, subway, walking and etc, primarily for those who live in places with above-average violence and who are afraid to use the mobile in public for fear of being robbed.
Call Log–Shows the history of incoming calls, made and perdays.
Notifications–synchronizes with incoming cell notifications
Music–it does not seem to be a useful option since the music can be heard directly by the cellphone.
Camera–could be helpful if the used camera was not the cell phone.
Settings–The Settings and adjustments menu is quite simple and leaves nothing to be desired.
Energy Savings–Secure the battery very well. It would not be slutty to compare with other smartwatchs, especially those of brands. The battery lasts two days with simplified usage.
Call–may be helpful if your mobile is silent. Your watch can vibrate or call with a definite touch.
Price: When it was purchased its worth of us $45.00, now it can be found by little over US $17.00 in GearBest, including free shipping. The value is worth a lot!
Product Link: our site.
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The low cost of smartwatch makes it a lot to compensate for your purchase. As it is a product that can accompany you on hikes, races, pedals and even on day to day investment is worth more than the penalty!