Smartphones Will Be the Center of Your Personal Network Accessories

In an interview with iG, Horace Dediu, Asymco’s comments of the Smartphone market trends to 2015
2014 marked the year in which the big-screen smartphones fell in the popular taste. Almost all the State-of-the-art appliances released in the year came with 5-inch screens or more and even Apple surrendered to the trend with the iPhone 6 Plus .

Next year, the trend is that the integration with accessories is one of the differences of this market, says Horace Dediu, Asymco consultancy renowned analyst.
“The difference will be the more effective integration of the smartphone with a good ecosystem of accessories such as headphones, speakers, etc. The smartphone will be the centerpiece of a personal network of each user, “says the analyst.
In an exclusive interview to the iG, Dediu comments some scenarios of the Smartphone market to 2015, including change of strategy at Samsung and Microsoft’s difficulty play for Windows Phone. Check out the full interview below.
IG-Samsung is expected to change your strategy in 2015, making less apparatus and focusing efforts on a few smartphone models. How do you evaluate this strategy?
Dediu- There have always been questions about the sustainability of the business of Samsung smartphones. The market is evolving rapidly and there are many new brands popping up. The advantages of scale and marketing budget that Samsung had a few years ago are disappearing. It is part of the cycle of commodification, IE, the process that makes products initially differentiated something common.
A company like Samsung can be set to operate in new categories of products and certainly there will be other opportunities for growth. But there will be a period of low, that maybe lasts a year. What Samsung has to keep is your family-controlled structure that allows the company to make decisions and if rebuild without much interference from investors and the market.
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IG-Windows Phone was released a few years ago, but still has a little slice of the market. What Microsoft can do to win more market next year?
Dediu -I think the problem with the Windows Phone was that the system took too long. If Microsoft had released the product in 2008/2009 they might have won a share of the market occupied by Android. The explosive growth of the market from 2010 favored the Android, which was already ready. Windows Phone was only launched at the end of that year and fell behind.
Today it’s too late. Even if the system was “perfect” (which is not), we are already in an early stage of the purchase cycle of smartphones. In most developed countries, there are few people who do not yet have a dominant platforms and benefit from the effect of lock-in, the lock-in effect makes the platform change is very difficult, because the user has to learn a new system and loses everything bought in apps, songs etc.
IG-the screen size has been an important factor in the decision to purchase a smartphone. And for 2015, which would be the aspects that may grow in importance?
Dediu- The most important aspects are those which are not yet good enough. The screen size seems to have been something that bothers a lot of people and increased, undermining the portability and use with one hand. This balance is still not ideal, in my opinion.
But the most interesting is to create an ecosystem around smartphone accessories (headphones, speakers, etc). Whoever can do it however you should take advantage. The idea is that the smartphone will become the centerpiece of a network of personal accessories.
IG-what to expect from Motorola under the administration of Lenovo?
Dediu- I don’t expect a lot, only Lenovo’s growth in countries where Motorola has a stronger presence.
IG-what is the importance of the arrival of the Apple Smart Watches market with the Apple Watch?
Dediu-is extremely important, as much as the iPhone did for the Smartphone market. The simple entry of Apple in this market creates demand for the product.
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