Smart Clock Pebble Passes to Receive All Notifications

New version of the operating system of the device supports the display of notifications, one of the most popular features of iOS 7

The Smart Watch Pebble , which works integrated with the iPhone and smartphones with Android operating system, will soon have an update that reverts all notifications of iOS 7. This means that users of the new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 c , as well as earlier versions with updated system, can follow on the clock screen all notifications of incoming applications on your smartphone.
The announcement of the system update was made during an event held by the startup team this Wednesday (6). According to the company, the Pebble now works fully integrated with iOS 7. From now on, users will be able to receive, in addition to the notifications of calls, text messages (SMS) and e-mails, calendar alerts, Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Instagram, LinkedIn, Flickr, Dropbox, WhatsApp, Flipboard, and others according to PETSINCLUDE.COM.
According to the staff of the Pebble, the new feature is not yet available for all users. “A new Pebble application for iOS will enable this functionality, but is under review by Apple. An update should be available in the iTunes Store soon, “says the team that created the smart watch, on the official blog. The company also has released the new version of the application development for smart clock.
In addition to the existing applications in the official store of the Pebble, that allows you to control the MP3 player or smartphone control your performance during a race, other new popular applications should arrive soon. In the case of Foursquare, Geolocation-based social network, GoPro and Yelp. According to startup soon, these applications should be available to all users.
The smart watch Pebble is on sale in the US from July 2013 with price of $ $150. The product can be found at Best Buy stores and AT & T, but is also being sold through the official website. The product is sold in the United States, but is available for shipping to anywhere in the world. One of the pioneers to work seamlessly with the smartphone, the Pebble now faces competition from other smart watches, as the SmartWatch clock 2 and the Galaxy Gear .
According to information disclosed in the official blog, more than 190,000 Pebble units have been sold so far and more than 2 million applications and alternative models for the clock have been downloaded through the virtual store. More than 50 applications developed to work seamlessly with the Pebble have been published by developers on the App Store and the Android Market. In total, the company already has more than 10000 registered developers.