Small Trick to Narrow a Jeans

The article today find it me fun, really is the way more easier and faster that I have found so far to narrow the camalès of a jeans and what I wanted to tell.
As times are as they are, this blog also is recycle, thing that my I am satisfied, we must recycle everything we can, a jeans can give much of themselves once this past fashion, here I leave my plank on Pinterest in which there are a lot of ideas for recycling jeans, jeans or how want you to say.
In my house we do not get rid of anything, try to save it all, have a mountain of jeans that I have purposely stored in a closet, from time to time to look and see which we can put his hand, if they are very old or with pieces already we serve only to upholster or other utilities but not for its original use, now! If we test them to us, and we still have well over back in fashion, nothing on the sewing table and sometimes gather me several at a time, hence this method clips, Yes! the clothes pegs according to INTERNETIEST.
First that nothing I want to say that it is important to remove from one side metal that have the meters at the tip, so always begin to be measured by the same side of the meter and it will be the same measure, this one told me friend who is a professional seamstress and is practical.
The pants that we will enter put it extended in an upside-down table and which have measurement that like us over (no need of backwards), clear! You must be a pants that you like as we have at hand, if not this method of Tong is no longer useful!
With this small gallery of photos that I have looks pretty what I wanted to explain, is an easy and convenient method. Say after basting the camal quick seam makes in the sewing machine and so it is best if you cut the excess fabric is important to Serge, albeit with some similar to the re-meshing stitch.
So as I narrow the camalès of cowboys, is just not the right way, but greatly facilitates me the work and that is important.
Recycle, Reuse, Reduce And Invents
I hope that this post have you entertained and someone to carry it out, then if you want you comment what you think, thanks for being on the other side of the screen, for my is a pleasure to write.Happy summer to all!