Slip-on: keep an Eye on the New Trend in Shoes

The time when high heels were the only one to dominate the fashion world ended.  The  shoes  are now the darlings of fashioners and one of the most used models are the  slip-on. With a huge variety of prints and options, they are able to compose any look.
It is worth remembering that the tip is not only for women. Versatile, they are also great demanded for men who are betting on a more modern and relaxed look.

Slip-on combines comfort and trend

The main fashion trends in recent years have been showing increasingly comfortable alternatives. With this, sportswear  and of course, the most varied styles of tennis, raided the catwalks and the streets.
Using sneakers at whicheverHealth, besides being within a growing trend, can still help your health. A study by the University of Alabama, USA, shows that injuries  from high-heeled shoes  are on the rise and have nearly doubled over a period of 11 years.
The slip-on model is an option for those who do not like the sporty look. The style of tennis is very similar to the famous  moccasins, since they do not have a shoelace. This style, once loved by skaters and practically everyone in the 90s, has never really been seen as a modern option – at least until now.
The first brand to bet on this trend was the French Céline in its spring/summer collection of 2012, which won a version inspired by several networks of fast fashion stores. In addition, other designers like Givenchy, Tory Burch and Katie Grand for Hogan, created their own versions.
Whoever thought that fashion would stop in time seems to have been wrong. The truth is that it has remained and has even become an option for both men and women. In 2016, many brands invested in male models. The Jimmy Choo brand, for example, launched aslip-on  inspired by pop art last year.

How to make a look with sneakers

To compose a modern look, tennis can be your best ally. The slip-on, for example, can be used with the most different types of  looks. It’s a perfect shoe option when you do not know what to wear – and also great to  take on travel.
Although quite versatile, this model fits better with fairer court trousers, such as  leggings or skinnys. Be careful when choosing other items, looking for those who play with the casual-chic theme. It can be the watch with a more sporting theme or even the bag.
Another idea is to use different colors of sneakers or even textures to make a more basic set. In addition, you can play with the types of fabrics, wearing a knit shirt, a  leather skirt. The tip is to be careful not to over-weigh the composition.
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