Sleeping Bags

Restful sleep in a cosy sleeping bag

Whether in the wild or in the tent, whether with trekking, camping or on several-day winter tours – a cosy sleeping bag includes in any case. Just if it’s 100% on the physical performance of a restful sleep is essential. Through high-quality sleeping bags must be does not waive also traveling comfortable. So it is always top fit and well-rested.

So many sleeping bags! Which one is the right one for me?

Da sound sleep for the regeneration ability of the body of enormous importance, should any outdoor be clear friend, that a convenient and functional sleeping bag belongs to any equipment to do so. But there are lots of different purposes for sleeping bags, and this is reflected also in the amount of the various available sleeping bags. Therefore, it should be before buying a sleeping bag clear for what you actually need him.
First of all, you should know what temperature range should be the sleeping bag. The values temperature comfort, limit and extreme give a clue to what temperatures which sleeping bag is suitable for various models. It depends on these values, the choice is much easier. Also the pack size and low weight is important because on multi-day tours, every gram of weight plays a role. In addition, many models offer some extras, such as, for example, a zipper. As a result, it is possible to use the sleeping bag as a blanket. Sleeping bags with hood reduce heat loss through the head, this will increase the overall thermal performance.
Each sleeping bag may also be supplemented to a sleeping mat. Thus, the cold that comes from the ground is held by the body, which again supports the insulation performance. So you should also at lower temperatures can sleep through the night and recover optimally.

What sleeping bag types are there?

By the above criteria the choice can be something ever narrow. It is concrete but if you know the different types of sleeping bags.
When it comes to very good insulation properties, then the down sleeping bag is the right choice. His down feeding, he keeps very warm up in low temperature areas and offers the ultimate in sleeping comfort. This type of sleeping bag is also very easy, which is just on tours where it arrives on a possible low weight, advantage. A disadvantage however is that down feeding loses its heat output when influence of moisture and clumped in the extreme case.
, The synthetic sleeping bag, however, holds some moisture. The heat output is although not as high as in down feeding, but nonetheless remarkable. In addition, he is usually slightly cheaper and easier to clean, but not quite as easily as the down sleeping bags.
For the bivouac or emergency bivy bag is the right candidate. Bivy sacks are housing for the sleeping bag, which like to stay in the open air allow. In an emergency, if not reached the next mountain hut or as a shelter for sudden storms, they are often a true rescue. Accident injury can be kept also warm until rescue arrives.
, Hut sleeping bags are a kind of mobile bed linen, which nowadays are mandatory in most mountain huts. As the indoor sleeping bag, you can become used to the sleeping bag is not dirty.