Sleep As Android – the Best Alarm Clock on Android

Are those people who like to sleep well regardless of the number of hours?If yes then today we present one of the most fantastic applications that turns any Android smartphone into a smart alarm clock.
Let’s get to know Sleep as Android.
Conventional alarm clocks are usually programmed to wake up at a certain time and little else.But is the set time the best time to wake up?At that moment we will not be in a deep sleep (waking from a deep sleep is unpleasant because we wake up tired) .. Should not the alarm clock record the sleep cycles?It was to think of this type of situations that was created the Sleep as Android application.
Sleep as Android is an alarm clock from with record of sleep cycles.This application gently awakens us in the light phase of sleep, choosing up to what the best period.For example, if we set the alarm to ring at 9 o’clock, the application, an hour earlier, begins to evaluate, based on history, what will be the best wake-up period.
This application is fantastic because it informs us of the number of hours of sleep, hours missing, percentage of time in deep sleep and even can evaluate, on a scale of 0-5, our sleep.

Key Features:
  • History with sleep charts
  • Statistics of sleep deficit,
  • Sharing sleep cycles (Facebook, email),
  • Alarm with sounds of nature (birds, sea, thunderstorm…) with gradual increase of volume, low volume of music after falling asleep,
  • Exercises with Captcha (for the more sleepers)
  • Recording of “nocturnal speech”/snore

This application was one of the most downloaded in 2013, making it part of the Google Play TOP as well as the TOP 50 Android apps from Pplware. Try it and let us know what you found.