Skullcandy Headphones: Find Out If It's Worth Buying

The American Skullcandy headphones brand already makes its products available in Brazil.Their headphones promise balanced sound, bass quality, and definition of sound that eliminates noise even at higher volumes.
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The company has an NBA-inspired lineup, featuring exclusive and customized models with basketball league teams.With headphones, speakers and ear buds, Skullcandy products are high quality, but will they be a good buy option?Check below the models available in Brazil with the best value for money.
1 – Skullcandy Ink’d Knicks
In blue with orange details, the model is in-ear and has 9mm diameter speakers, ideal for various situations, including sports, as it is less likely to fall.The handset features Supreme Sound technology, from quality to bass and eliminates noise even if the volume is at maximum.Its flat cable has already been made with the intention of avoiding windings, so there is less risk of removing the phone from the backpack.The cable is 1.30 meters in length, the handset has 82 dB of sensitivity and 50mW of power.The model can be found starting at $ 99.
2 – Skullcandy Cassette
Following the supra-auricular line, where the earpiece covers the entire ear, the model carries speakers of 40 mm in diameter.The Cassete model promises unparalleled sound detail, with deep bass and crystal clear treble without any noise, even at higher volumes.In addition to having a microphone, which assists in the phone calls, the phone also has controls to stop, start or advance music.The model features 94 dB of sensitivity and 100mW of power.In the main stores in Brazil the phone is sold for about $ 129.90 and was found in three colors: white, black and green.
3 – Fix in Ear Mic3
With loudspeakers that fit directly into the additive channel, the Fix in Ear model was found in white with orange and black with red colors.Like the other headphones of the brand, the promise is sound with excellent quality, no noise and balanced sound, independent of the model.This model even has a microphone in the wire, for connections through the cell phone and also control to change, to or start a music.The handset comes with a carbon fiber hard case for carrying and ear-set for different sizes.In Brazil, the phone was found for R $ 185.
4 – Hesh NBA Lakers
You can see that the earphone’s relationship with basketball goes beyond the name, the phone is white and the logo of the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team in Los Angeles is printed on the outside of the speaker. team.The brand did not only invest abroad, but also took care of quality.With microphone and music controls built into the cord, the handset promises clean sounds and with shells – loudspeakers – that deliver better sound volume.The model has carrying pouch, its sensitivity is 94 dB and impedance of 35 Ohms.
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5 – Skullcandy Crusher
With a company-exclusive driver, the Sensation 55 Driver, the handset promises the user to feel the bass vibrating perfectly in the ears.The shells that cover the ears are covered in soft leather for added comfort when using the handset for a long time.As headphones are used on mobiles frequently, the model brings earphone and music control, which pause, start or switch music.The model has sensitivity of 102dB and impedance of 32 Ohms.The handset is sold in Brazil from R $ 420.
Extra – Method Wireless
This model is not available in Brazil, but can be found in the brand’s American store.Although not sent to Brazil, the model can be an alternative purchase for anyone who goes to the United States or know someone who can bring.This model, among those cited, is the only wireless.
The model connects via Bluetooth and has a battery life of approximately 9 hours.Its format has headphones that fit directly into the ear canal and for peace of mind in races or other sports, the phone fits the neck with a kind of collar, where the tip has volume control, call and track.The handset also has a built-in microphone.The product is available in black and blue colors and sells for $ 48, about $ 150 at the current quote.Not including taxes and fees.
The brand promises quality headphones, with care in bass and concern with sound even at higher volumes.For those who wish to invest in headphones that provide a clean sound experience, the brand brings an excellent cost-benefit.It does not have the cheapest headphones on the market, for less demanding users maybe the investment is not valid, but those looking for quality, value compensates and there are different models for all tastes.