Skin Bling Tattoo Jewelry

Is it a piece of jewelry or a tattoo? When you see Skin bling so it is easy to wonder if this is the jewelry or tattoos, and the fact is that this is a new innovation that has taken Swedish jewelry enthusiasts by storm. Skin Bling is a form of one-off tattoos that have more volume and thus looks like very skin near the jewelry metal. You can combine these jewelry tattoos with ordinary accessories and the result is unique. We think you should test Skin Bling now available in our online store, but before you order the design you like best, you should take advantage of our tips for the best results.

Then attach the Skin Bling
To begin with, you should of course give some thought to where you want to attach your Skin Bling tattoo. View photos and consider what position you want on the arm, hand, or perhaps shoulder. Before fixing the tattoo so it is important that the skin is clean and that you do not just have smeared it with oil. The skin should be dry for the tattoo to adhere properly.
When you are ready to apply your metal tattoo then you should cut out the desired tattoo and remove the protective sheet from the then attach to the skin. Add a wet towel or cloth over the tattoo for about 30 seconds of time. When you do this, it is important that the tattoo does not move, so keep still!
Now you can peel off the paper from the tattoo, then wipe the skin. It is important that you do not expose metalltatueringen for any stress during a 20 minute period after you applied it. It needs namely dry thoroughly to sit properly.
How long will my Skin Bling?
If you have applied the right way, you can count on at least 3 days and perhaps even 6 days with a sleek Skin Bling. There are things you can do to make the tattoo last longer. For example, avoid exposing it to oil that can cause it to loosen, so do not lubricate you directly over the tattoo. Since then it is understood that other jewelry lying against your skin Bling and that move could tear it. It must be aware of.
If you tan your skin Bling it can become a pattern in which it sits. Perhaps you think is cool, but if not then it is good to be a little careful with direct sunlight for a long time on the area of ​​skin where skin Bling tattoo sitting.
When you delete a Skin Bling
It is not as neat as a Skin Bling half falling off so it may be wise to remove it when you notice wear. This is most easily done by rubbing it in baby oil. Once you have smeared the entire tattoo with oil then just wipe it off with a cloth.
Good luck with your skin Blings wish we Blingit!