Ski Helmets

Safe on the road in the snow with the appropriate ski & snowboard helmet

Head is not equal to head, so helmets also does not equal helmet. So how to individually select also ski poles or ski goggles according to body size, head shape, or the own ambitions in the shut-down, you should take care even with the helmet on some features so that it has maximum joy. < br / > the following, there are tips on choosing the right ski helmet and some general characteristics of Ski Helmets.

Properties of helmets for skiing and snowboarding

There’s hard shell helmets, Ski Helmets for in-mold construction and even hybrid designs. But what does that mean everything? < br / > basically the most important function of a helmet is to protect and for that he must take care of once well initially. However, there are also corresponding constructions of Ski Helmets for different areas of use. Helmets are for example most in-mold helmets. Here you have a hard on the outside, which is connected directly with a soft foam core. Hard shell helmets are more common with a rugged exterior and a lining made of mesh or other upholstery. Hybrid helmets are a combination of both and for weight reasons in the professional field before. < br / > a good, sufficient padding is crucial in any ski helmet. Here you should make sure that’s also nowhere presses or restrict, in particular, if you wear like a light hat or Balaclava underneath. Many ski helmets come already with mostly removable padding for the ears, the at the same time warm. < br / > above, there are vents which not too big fail for no snow to enter, but sufficient to the head cooling and keep the goggles fog-free. Depending on the model of the ski helmet has an adjustable belt with padding and sometimes an adjustment on the back of the head anyway below the Chin. There usually scroll wheel used to provide optimal support. If you tried the helmet and ran pulls all settings and adjusts, you should briefly violently shaking their heads and just test, whether the helmet retains its position or side slip. He must only loosely wobble, otherwise is not guaranteed also in the point that the helmet there is where he belongs!

Accessories for the ski helmet

For those who hate to wear a separate protective glasses, there are also helmets with incorporated sight. So one kills two birds with one stone. But absolutely pay attention to the corresponding properties of the glass on the rear sight of the ski or snowboard helmet! < br / > for children and small women’s heads, there are special helmets. You are not only smaller, but often also come with more upholstery, a simpler adjustability and of course attractive prints on the hood! < br / > trying to goggles must also attach to the helmet. So you can see immediately whether something in the way comes and can test whether the band fits the glasses by the ski helmet goggles fixing. So to avoid an unfavorable later surprise…