Site Allows You to Test Apple's Smart Watch

The developers of the pipes News application have created a site that demonstrates in real time how the IOS works on the Apple Watch. In this way, the user can test the system, and its performance, before the intelligent watch is launched.

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On the site, it is possible to know how the Apple Watch system will behave (playback/pipes App)
The original idea is that users of the aforementioned application can test how it will work on Apple’s smartwatch. However, it is also possible to experience other basic apps that will come in the system, such as the app for calls or songs, and even third-party products such as Instagram and Shazam according to phonejust.
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However, it is worth pointing out that many of the listed apps are just static images, and may not represent the final visual that their respective developers are planning for them. Anyway, it is still possible to have a good notion of how they will behave in the small screen of Apple Watch.
The Apple Watch site Demo can also be helpful for developers and designers, since it is possible to upload the logo from your own application, to know how it will be on the main screen of the smartwatch.
In our tests, the site became unstable during the first hours of the day, and presented difficulties to run both in Chrome and in Firefox. At the time this matter was written, the demo was running normally, but it may still come to instability.
Via 9to5Mac