Simple and Inexpensive Photo Panel

I like colorful House, walls filled and mixed styles. The diversity of styles reveals a little of my hyperactivity.
There was a spare white wall in the living room of the House. It’s not enough to be a bother, but caused hours of thoughts like “what can I put in there”. And it was in that moment that finally decided by a small photographic Panel with images of happy memories of our life. I ran to my stock photos and selected six photographs of the places you love or unforgettable trips.
The project was simple and very fast. All it took was to adjust the images to the square format, measuring each 15x15cm. To print used good old inkjet from our Office and chose a matte paper, high resolution and quality. I used this here of Pimaco in family, but you can use any photo-quality paper via Advise that the finish is matte to avoid reflections and scratches.
After printed the images, I and + Augusto Noronha to placement on the wall. Measure exactly the area of the wall and fix the images one by one with double-sided tape of the thinnest and lightest weight Roadster we found on the market. Between each image and each row a range of 7.5 cm. The result is that the image. We love.
In the pictures a scene beautiful flowers in a summer’s day in Caruaru/PE. Soon after the beautiful colorful pinwheel we buy (and photographed) for our nephew on a beach inBelgium. Completing the row a late afternoon mass trip to the Praia dos Carneiros/PE. In the second row a selfie on Borete Beach in Porto de Galinhas/PE, a detail from the beach of Tambaba/PB and another click from Borete highlighted by Augustus and the sea.