Silver Rings and Alliances: Usage Guide and Inspirations

Learn more about the properties of silver, learn to choose a quality alliance and meet the Brazilian and Chinese shops recommended to buy silver online

An alliance represents, a long time ago, the compromise. By gaining the form of a ring, the alliance became the symbol of an emotional relationship due to the circular format that represents eternity. As a consequence of this significance is often used to establish engagements for dating, engagement and marriage.
The yellow gold alliances are commonly destined for weddings and used in the left hand for finding themselves closer to the heart. Already the alliances made of silver are indicated to younger relationships and serve to represent the respect and commitment of the couple to each other according to MustownJewelry.
But despite such patterns, the alliance is the symbol of love of a relationship and therefore the couple has total freedom to choose the ideal material to represent their union and, of course, if an alliance is the best alternative to that.
If you like the idea and significance of the alliance and want to adopt it in your relationship, clarify your doubts about the silver alliances with the tips given by the CEO and founder partner of Virtual Jewelry, Gustavo Almeida, meet reliable shops to buy online and check out more than 60 options of silver rings and alliances for you to inspire or choose yours.
10 Recommended Jewelry Shops
Meet the reference shops when the subject is silver pieces and know what the main advantages each offer:

  1. Vivar

With the mission “to transform Dreams into jewels”, VIVAA has a commitment to offering pieces created with whim and care, and today is the largest retail chain of jewellery in Brazil.
In addition to the physical shops scattered throughout the country, it is possible to acquire the pieces in the online store. Vivaa also offers jewelry in other materials such as gold, bronze, steel, among others. However, in the case of silver, it is possible to find only ring models because the alliances consist of only gold (yellow or white).
Prices vary greatly, but it is possible to find pieces with affordable values. The price range of the silver rings varies from R $190.00 to R $2,190.00.

  1. Pandora Jewelry

Pandora is a jewelry store that owns shops scattered in Brazil and the world, but also counts on an online shop. It has a price range on the silver rings ranging from R $175.00 to R $595.00.
“Our efforts concentrate on making PANDORA jewels accessible to all and for every moment. We value the details in all the way of the jewelry, from its production until reaching the eyes of those who use it, “says the store on its site.

  1. Virtual Jewelry

“To make eternal moments in people’s lives, providing them with a better shopping experience,” is what brings as a mission to Virtual jewelry, a jewelry store that operates on the market for over 20 years and there are 10 acts as e-commerce.
The Virtual offers various models of alliance and rings, possess silver, gold and stoneware products. As differentials offer free shipping to all Brazil and the possibility of exchange, without additional cost, including the already recorded parts.
The prices practiced vary from R $69.90 to 279.90.

  1. Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is a store that offers both alliances and silver rings. “From the outset, the Carioca brand is mission and commitment to make it possible to fulfill the dream of owning a jewel with design and excellent quality, for an affordable price,” tells the team on its site.
The rings are available in various models and vary from R $150.00 to R $2720.00, while the alliances cost from 160 to 200 reais and vary only in 4 classical models.

  1. Fine silver

Specialized in silver, the fine silver meets both in physical stores and the site. In addition to the silver pieces, he works with stonework and steel.
The price range is fairly affordable, rings and alliances vary from R $29.00 to R $565.00. “Our story began with a simple desire: to make you shine more and more.”

  1. Una Silver

As well as the previous store, Una Silver mainly sells pieces in silver, however also offer jewels in steel, gold and stonework. In addition to the marketing of products, Una Prata offers repairs, repair and polishing services.
As ideal the company has: “To be a differentiated company in attendance to our public, offering not only products with quality and fair prices, but also satisfy and fulfill dreams of people who wish to shine at all times”.

  1. Lumaê

Lumaê offers a wide variety of alliance models, made in various materials such as silver, steel and gold. Additionally, they have a large stock of silver rings coming out of 50 to 200 reais.
The Lumaê has the commitment to offer products with quality and differentiated design, in addition to an excellent service. But the main thing for us is respect for our customers, “defends the store on their website.

  1. Net Silver

In Net silver It is possible to find a wide variety of models and styles in silver rings and alliances, in addition to a fairly varied price, counting on pieces from R $30.00 to R $765.00, depending on the complexity of the jewelry.
Affiliate of Grupo Ralifla, the Net Silver meets today in three segments: in the physical shops, the virtual store and also by consignment.

  1. My silver

My silver is an online jewelry store offering pieces in silver Lei 925 and 950 at a cost from R $30.00. In addition to the affordable price, the stock brings rings ranging from delicacy to boldness, but the store does not work with alliances.

  1. Only Silver

Specialized in silver, only silver counts with a vast inventory of parts made with the material, being able to walk among various styles of rings and alliances.
Its product line contains national and also imported parts. As differential, the store offers a lifetime warranty of jewelry.
Gorgeous silver alliances and rings to buy online
See a selection of silver rings available in Brazilian online shops, inspire yourself or choose your preferred model.
China Silver alliances: Where to buy?
If you prefer, you can also find alliance options and silver rings to buy on Chinese websites, in which you can find a huge variety of affordable styles and prices. Check out some of the most indicated stores and a list of available products:
The AliExpress is one of the most renowned Chinese shops among Brazilians. In addition to its vast inventory, the store allows the translation of the site to the Portuguese, view the price of the products in real and also the payment via bank billet, advantages that facilitate the purchase.
The business model is similar to the free market, where sellers offer their products and are evaluated according to their sales history. Thinking about it, it is important to choose a vendor with good evaluation to avoid any disorder.
Delivery deadline: From 15 to 120 days (vary according to transport conditions).
Light in the box
At the Light in the box the variety of products is enormous, as well as in the vast majority of Chinese shops. You can find products from the most varied styles and prices. It features the same advantages of AliExpress with regard to site functionality and ease in payment.
Delivery deadline: from 10 to 35 days.
Mini in the box
Affiliated with the Light in the box group, a Mini in the box has the same sales settings as your group and counts with a large diversity of rings and alliances in stock.
Delivery deadline: from 10 to 35 days.
Dress Sale
Dress Sale is a shop specialized in clothing, but that has a section devoted to weddings and events, ie the options of rings and alliances are destined for special occasions and are available models for all tastes. Payment forms are by PayPal or via international credit card.
Delivery time: From 15 to 28 working days.
Milano is also a shop that offers clothing and accessories for festive occasions, but it is not possible to pay via bank billet, only via PayPal and international credit card. Nevertheless, it is possible to check the price of the products in real and easily find rings to call your.
Delivery deadline: 15 to 30 days.
Check out the gallery some product options in the international shops cited above:
6 Doubts about silver alliances answered
Gustavo Almeida, CEO and founder partner of Virtual Jewelry, clarifies the most basic doubts about the subject and gives usage tips and how to choose rings and alliances in silver quality:

  1. On which occasions do you use Silver Alliance?

Gustavo explains that the Silver Alliance is traditionally used by couples of boyfriends as a symbol of a more serious and lasting compromise, but exposes the importance of considering the taste and style of the couple.
“Silver is a more affordable material and is also used to differentiate the engagement alliance from the Wedding and Marriage alliance which, in general, are in gold. However, nowadays it is very common that couples opt for silver alliances for engagement or wedding. It is also in high-blending gold and silver in the alliances, which gives even more personality to the couple, “he says.

  1. Can the alliance be replaced by a silver ring in the case of an engagement?

Again, the CEO of Virtual Mulekye advises to keep the couple’s personality in the first place: “The choice of alliances is a very personal matter”
The engagement ring is an option to accompany marriage requests and flee from the traditional alliance. In addition to representing a mime to the bride, keep the suspense of the official wedding alliances.
More elaborate than the alliance, the engagement ring is usually accompanied by stoners or a solitary stone.

  1. I want to use Silver Alliance (instead of gold) as a symbol of my marriage. Can’t?

Can! There is no rule that should be followed by the letter for wedding and engagement alliances. The classic is to use gold, but the most important thing is that the couple keep their own style and choose the alliance that suits them more. More modern couples may not identify themselves as much with the tradition of using Gold Alliance. For them, silver is an option that demonstrates the personality of the couple and is also cheaper, “guides the specialist.

  1. What are the existing silver types and what is the difference between them?

Gustavo explains that the term silver of law originates in a Portuguese law of the 15th century, which, aiming at a higher nobility of silver, predicted that it should have at least 80% purity in its final constitution.
“The most widely used silverware today in the manufacture of jewelry is 925 and 950. Both silver 925 and 950 have more than 80% silver in their composition, these values refer to the percentage amount of silver present in the league, considering as pure silver the silver 1000, i.e. the silver 925 has 92.5% silver in its composition and 7.5% of other metals, already the silver 950 counts with 95% silver and 5% of other metals in its alloy ” Teaches.

  1. The silver alliances manufactured in China, have a metal equal to that produced in Brazil?

Gustavo Almeida states that, in thesis, the silver used anywhere in the world is the same, but explains that there are other determinant factors in quality and consequently in the product price:
“In the Virtual jewelry all alliances are in massive silver, weighing from 8 grams to par. There’s a light Silver Alliance offer in China. Although they are produced in silver 925, these are hollow, reaching only 2 or 3 grams of the pair. This makes the price and, consequently, the quality of these parts, are inferior, “counts.
However, these factors vary greatly, so there is no rule that overseas products are inferior. Therefore, always consult the seller and if you are buying on the Internet, do not stop investigating the origin of your product.

  1. Is there any trick to check the quality of the pieces in silver?

“If the person is in doubt as to the quality of his silver jewelry, it is possible to perform some homemade tests. Silver is paramagnetic. This means she’s not attracted to magnets. Therefore, if you position a nearby strong magnet and the silver piece is attracted to it is a clue that silver is not quality, “explains the specialist Gustavo Almeida.
Another suggestion of Gustavo is to hit the silver piece on another metal. According to him, the sound emitted by the shock should be more acute.
After the tips and clarifications just remember that the chosen alliance must symbolize your love and therefore there is no rule that can prevent you from choosing the model that suits you and the person you love. Silver, gold, lead, or no alliance, the important thing is that love is strong and true!
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