Silver Engagement Rings – 4 Styles to Present Your Pair!

Silver engagement rings are a tradition among lovers who want to have the symbol of your connection. Used always in the right ring finger, these semijoiais carry happiness and complicity of the couple, but you know how to choose the right item for you and your beloved?
The PIP’s Store has several models of rings in silver and will help you find the ring to be used by you as an emblem for all the affection they feel for each other.
Silver ring-Alliance trimmer
The woman who likes delicate and shiny rings can choose by style trimmer Alliance. With a mixture of colors is impressive, it is possible to acquire the piece with Black zircônias, Greens, blues and rubies.
In addition, it can still be used even when the engagement ring is replaced by engagement ring or the lonely. All so that you can carry with you all your beloved represents.
Classic rings
The couple cherishes more for sobriety and for a more classic style has the kit with 4 rings in silver aged the ideal option of engagement ring. With two very similar alliances, in twisted Hoop, it is possible for you and your loved one choose two rings to be used or they change the pieces to match each time of dating.
The best is that you can still combine the items and create unique pieces and a lot of personality and the lightness of this relationship.
Magic model
Now, if you and your boyfriend knows that the magic of love the dominated and believe that bring out the feeling is the best choice, the silver ring with stone is the most assertive.
Among the selections of PIP’s Store are the ring with aquamarine silver stone, with light Amethyst stone or the option of Blue Topazstone. Full of character, this engagement ring the differentiate of other couples, in addition to carry all the magical symbolism of love.
Set in zircônias
For women who admire shiny parts, the Alliance with trimmer zircônias ring is the perfect choice of Alliance. Classic and elegant, it is easily combined with other semijoias and a way to show your side it girl, since female and male alliances are trend in the fashion world and promise to earn even more strength in the coming years. Between zircônias options are black, green, Crystal, Ruby and blue.
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