Silk Long Underwear Cold Weather

Silk Underwear for outdoor use – highly functional and comfortable

Coming first thing one to mind when one hears the term Silk Underwear, is certainly not the outdoor sport. But Silk Underwear for outdoor use it really has in itself! For one, Silk Underwear provides highly functional properties, and on the other hand it is comfortable and very light. No matter whether on the adventurous trekking tour, when climbing or during training, with high-quality Silk Underwear you get a powerful lower layer of clothing, knows how to score points in many fields!

Comfortable, convenient, Silk Underwear!

Silk Underwear for the interlinks consists usually of a material mix of soft Merino Wool and – as the name already States real silk. This ensures an incomparable pleasant wearing comfort.
The soft fabric of Silk Underwear nestles like a second skin and is still quite comfortable even after extended wear, and even in the wet. Together with flat held stitching, Silk Underwear offers comfort without scratching and tweaking.

Silk Underwear – functionality from nature

But what has to offer Silk Underwear in the Outdooralltag? The simple and short answer: a lot! Through the combination of the silk fiber with the fine wool of the Merino sheep, Silk Underwear offers some functional properties, which itself can convince the most critical fans.
Good functional underwear of course can keep warm in cool temperatures. Silk Underwear as a bottom layer of clothing can isolate the body very well despite their fine structure and is therefore ideal as a bottom layer of clothing in the so-called principle of the Onion layers. As to the appropriate outdoor clothing can defy even icy temperatures provided
Silk Underwear is also highly breathable. The moisture produced by sweating is routed directly to emerging through the fabric to the outside, where it can finally evaporate. This keeps the body always dry and protects from overheating if you really work up a sweat. Speaking of sweat!
Silk Underwear has anti-microbial properties. This means that the Silk Underwear the at the transpire emerging bacteria offers no attack surface. Spoken in plain language: Silk Underwear takes no unpleasant sweat odors. Ideal for multi-day tours and a pure delight for sensitive noses! Oh yes, Silk Underwear is also quick-drying.
Whether as a baselayer or in the case of tshirts brought solo, Silk Underwear can always persuade. In addition to their functional properties, Silk Underwear boasts a unique wearing comfort. What you want?