Sierra Furniture in Paraguay

When it comes to Paraguay, the first thought that comes to mind for most people is:place to buy swag! Hahahahaha … isn’t it? But if you think so, probably not have accompanied the Luxury feeling. It’s been a long time since the neighboring country has been source of many cool diquinhas here on the blog! And guess where we were stopped last weekend? We hit the road and once again we set off towards the land of Paraguayan soup … kkkkk … more precisely the city of Pedro Juan Caballero, which borders Mato Grosso do Sul. Love saracutiar by this big world out there! In fact, we were invited by the architect Kamila Reichardt, owner of SPACE HOME, to participate of the launch party of the collection fragments of SIERRA FURNITURE. The SPACE HOME is a furniture and decoration that stands in the Centre of Pedro Juan Caballero and from now becomes the exclusive representative of SIERRA FURNITURE in Paraguay. Gentyyy … you have no idea how this store is lindaaa … we we had no idea that the other side of the border it was possible to find a place like this, so organized and filled with wonderful pieces, chic and amazing quality. We were delighted and passionate, not to mention the party top what happened there!
The architect Kamila Reichardt opened the SPACE HOME for 4 years and today the store is a reference in Paraguay, so much so that it became the only representative of SIERRA FURNITURE in the country. Total power, huh? For those not familiar, the SIERRA is a brazilian brand, born in Gramado/RS, and their furniture is synonymous with sophistication, beauty, creativity, good taste, comfort and quality. To be more direct … is the luxury, the power and the glory … kkkkkkk … There is a lady (the) home that does not dream of a piece of FURNITURE SIERRA! The exquisite design of the brand is present in lines of furniture and decorative items unique. The diversity and actuality of items like mirrors, lamps, ceramics and pillows complete the decoration with great elegance. We were surprised by the variety offered by SPACE HOME and prompting who is hitting legs in Pedro Juan Caballero/PY:you must know the shop and check closely what we talked about, will be a unique experience for those seeking the very the best for your “home sweet home”!
Check out the flashes we made during the launch of the SIERRA FURNITURE in SPACE HOME.
This is just a “foretaste” of what you will find there!
And ae guys, like the guess?
These pieces of FURNITURE SIERRA is not a escândalooo of beautiful???
Now imagine seeing all that close, live? Near went nuts!
Write down the address of the SPACE HOME:
Calle:Mcal Lee c/Bernadino Caballero, 1970, Pedro Juan Caballero – Paraguay.
(Reference:rotational cambio Chaco left two blocks away, at the side of the House Alvarenga gun shop.)