Short Jackets, Tips to Use

With the arrival of winter, we always have to complete the look with a slightly heavier piece, however, we often get insecure as to the right combination.A good example of this is the short jackets, which are totally beautiful and are very fashionable, but which cause a lot of doubts.
To end this problem and raze this winter, check out some valuable tips for wearing your short jacket and see several beautiful combinations.

Winter 2012

Jackets never go out of style, but this winter they come in a shorter version, in different materials and models, such as metallic leather, twill, jeans, expressive collars, details in leather, sequins, among others.
This type of piece favors mainly women who have the long trunk and the short legs. When it comes to combining short jackets, a good tip is to bet on longer sleeveless shirts that create the illusion of perspective and extend the silhouette.

Leather jackets

The leather jackets are wonderful and are available in different models.This type of jacket falls well with several clothes and can be used in several looks, from the most basic to the most exquisite.For day to day, it can be combined with jeans and basic white T-shirt and look more chic, it can be worn with tailors pants.For the ballad look, the girls can match the leather jacket with skirts and dresses.
On colder days, the leather jacket can still be worn with a skinny pants and a boot for the outside of the pants, or even a coturno, that leaves the look in a rocker style and much more stripped.

Colored jackets

One of the biggest hits this winter is the colorful jackets, which are making great success and combine with many pieces. These models look great with more basic parts and neutral colors such as white, black and beige. In evening looks, a good option is to match the colored jackets with boyfriend model shorts, lace pieces and laise dresses.

Jeans jackets

The jeans jackets are a true classic, which every year comes back with more force in different looks, from the most basic to the most elaborate.This piece is a feminine wardrobe joker and matches everything, leaving the pieces in a more bare and jovial style.
Enjoy the tips and hassle this winter with different short jackets.