Shoe covers (41)

Prevent cold and wet feet while cycling with overshoes

Shoe covers are a small, but effective and practical accessory, these beautify some tour with the racing bike or mountain bike helps. < br / > the feet are an important factor for the regulation of the temperature of the whole body. If you have cold feet, freezes usually to the fuselage. Bicycle shoes in General, but particularly the sporty models of bike shoes and mountain bike shoes with a slight upper made of mesh, have not just a good insulation performance. Since the small swabs made of neoprene or synthetic fibre help, because they are windproof, water repellent, or even fully waterproof and prevent the loss of body heat. < br / > what do know one else to overshoes and should note at the time of purchase, there to read the following.

Properties and types of overshoes

Cycling include shoe covers such as overtrousers and leggings to the cold and rain protection. In the autumn and winter conditions, at the cold snap in the summer or when an unexpected shower uncomfortable weather, overshoes is well served. < br / > there are very light, rather thin and thicker, robust flavors of overshoes for cycling. Generally, you should choose a model for the emergency that is compact and weighs little and can be donned quickly by a velcro fastener. Pure overshoes for winter, that you wear during the entire tour, come out with a zipper and should have an inner lining the warms. < br / > all overshoes must have a sufficiently large opening at the bottom so that the respective cleats by mountain bike or road bike through. If you often leave the pedals to rest or Rideable, reinforcements are down from Cordura, sense. < br / > shoe covers provide for more security, or already in a signal color come if they bring enough reflectors < br / > the material of overshoes, you can thick between the and robust types of neoprene and lighter versions of synthetic fiber. Neoprene particularly well insulated, is windproof and waterproof with taped seams also. Other models are equipped mostly with a windproof and water-repellent membrane and have either a feed or not in addition are isolated. < br / > whole thin models of overshoes are flexible and have an optical and aerodynamic value more. Offer little insulation and are not windproof, but for use with quick exits in the summer or in the competition made. < br / > there’s quality boots in the shop, for example, Shimano, Mavic, VAUDE, Endura, POC, Maloja and Giro.