Shimano Brasil Enduro Series is the Attraction

Proof Held In Itaipava (RJ), In May, Was The Opening Of The First National Enduro MTB Competition

The opening of the Shimano Brasil Enduro Series, a pioneering Enduro MTB competition with national coverage, will be shown in the Mundo 2 Rodas program, produced and directed by videomaker and biker Luciano Kdra Lancellotti. The event was held in May, in Itaipava (RJ), and brought together more than 150 athletes divided into eight categories.They complete the first season of Shimano BES, Urubici (SC), on August 9 and 10, and the State of São Paulo, on November 1st and 2nd according to
The 15-minute program airs on Friday (18) at 6pm on ESPN +, with replays on Sunday (20) at 1pm, and on Thursday (4pm) at 5:30 p.m. On ESPN +. The program will show how it was the opening race of the circuit, which had Bernardo Cruz (GT Bicycle) as the great champion of Pro. They completed the podium Nataniel Giacomozzi (HUPI Bikes / Santa Cruz), Ronny Renke (Soul Cycles / Shimano), Guilherme Renke (Soul Cycles / Shimano) and Diego Neumann (Pimp Bikeshop).
In Expert, Luiz Felipe Viani (HUPI Bikes) took the title of the category. In Master 1, Andre Melo (Ride Enduro) was the winner, in Master 2 the victory was with Gustavo Amorim (Inter Trilhas) and in Master 3 who won was Leonardo Rocha (Leo Bike). Henrique Lage (Mineral Water Inga) triumphed in the Amador, Robert Marent (Santinha Bike Bross) was champion of the Senior, and Bia Ferragi (Viper) confirmed his favoritism among the women.
The program to be screened this Friday, on the ESPN + channel, will be an opportunity for more people to understand and know how is the competition of this modality, which is becoming a real fever and world trend. It attracts more and more practitioners, both beginners and experienced athletes, not only for the mix of modalities (Downhill and Cross Country), but also for Life Style that Enduro provides.
An Aperitif Of The Program Can Be Enjoyed At The Link:
Modality was born in Europe – The Enduro MTB was born more than ten years ago in Europe, then to have a boom in the last three years and to come to the American continent, where it is becoming more and more popular. The mode is a union of two modalities of Mountain Bike, Cross Country (XC) and Downhill (DHI). While in the XC the athletes stand out by the strong physical conditioning to face great distances, in the DHI the technique and the experience for the descents are what make the difference.
Shimano Brazil Enduro Series has master sponsorship from Shimano, a world leader in the bike and fishing markets. It also has the sponsorships of Viper, HUPI Bikes and Santa Cruz Bikes, as well as support from Session Brasil, Maxxis / Calypso, Exceed Nutrition, Specialized and Bike & Adventure.