Sets Country

With the eestilosas singers Taylor Swift and Paula Fernandes popping in music around the world, and wearing typical parts of fashion country, there’s no way she’s Miss and not start to spread here.
So, today we present to you some tips on how to enter once and for all in this trend of fashion autumn winter and take productions full of charm and relaxation, with big belts, fringe and stamping, without committing any sin.

The best fashion country

It’s not because the country is in Vogue fashion now that you will come out looking like Rodeo icon through the streets of the city. This country’s influence on fashion is smooth and unites the best in the universe sertanejo urban style, a day by day from the streets, adapting the visual to your daily life.
This is practically a folk style, boho, but with less influence of Woodstock and the years 70. A way to enter the country without misses, fashion is always feminine, wearing loose dresses, light fabric, with heavier shoes, like short boots, explained by ENTERTAINMENTDNS.
The boots country, become essential accessories to compose this look, especially when you have thin beak and embossed details. Denim shirts with skirts of different colours also match very well.
The checkered pattern, always present in the world swing, is also with everything from dresses to shirts and skirts, always cheering the productions that can be supplemented with a jeans.

Celebrities who wear fashion country

The singer Taylor Swift is a master at making this type of combinations and has increasingly disseminated the style.
Already talking of national ídolas of the country, the school looks Fernandes rocks at the moment. Criticized before by their excesses, currently it comes surprising and giving up on visual serving as inspiration to dozens of women.
How about taking advantage of the weather to see some more of the story of the star Taylor Swift? Give the play!
Liked the tips on fashion country? So take you also ride on this trend!