Selfie Record With Galaxy A5 And A3: 12.803 In One Day

Selfie alarm in South Africa! Using the Galaxy A5 and A3, Samsung has made an entry in the Guinness Book of records. Shortly after the release of the two smartphone models in South Africa, a record number of Selfies was shot with them.
Via Twitter, Samsung mobile South Africa announced the outcome of the record attempt: 12.803 Selfies in 24 hours have recorded the participants in Johannesburg and Cape Town and in the online album for prepared uploaded – world record! In the wake of the launch of the Galaxy A5 and A3, Samsung has called to the spectacular event and encourages the owners of Galaxy these devices to the cheerful Selfie shooting.
With Galaxy A5 Selfies In The Guiness Book Of World Records
For the record attempt, Samsung distributed 100 Galaxy Alpha smartphones, as well as a variety of Selfie sticks, to get people to join. The concept has gone up. The South Africans obviously gladly participated in the Selfie madness and a stunning world record eventually led Samsung. At the end were so 12.803 Selfies. Around 3000 more than at the previous best mark.
Since early December, the two Samsung smartphones Galaxy A5 and A3 are available in selected markets. While they are among the thinnest Smartphones from Samsung at all and have about a 5-megapixel front camera. The two devices that are of course ideally equipped for Selfies. Now Samsung has released an online album with the record Selfies, that you will find it at this link. Due to the large number of images, you must bring however may be patient when downloading.
Selfie Record With Galaxy A5 And A3 12.803 In One Day