Security Cameras for Business

If you’re thinking of buying a security camera for your home or business but you’re still not fully determined because you doubt its effectiveness, you talk about now some doubts that can arise at the time of thinking about the installation of security cameras.

Work security cameras

When you want to install security cameras in your business then the question can I use security cameras and respect the privacy of my employees? Yes, because the reasons that will install them will also be benefits for them, since security cameras can detect internal theft, use of drugs or violence among employees.

If it is some kind of discomfort is aroused, it will be because they fear being caught in action at the moment of any illicit activity. The reasons that you mentioned above are valid for a video surveillance system.
Some of these activities can be seen reflected in the inventory losses, decline in production and damage. But while you are ensuring the security of your enterprise also points you should take into account so you don’t invadas neither privacy nor the rights of employees:


It is important that before installing the cameras or in the moment in which you do it, you communicate to your employees, what you plan to do and the reasons why necessary and useful for all video surveillance in the workplace.
You should express your concerns regarding robberies that have taken place in the company, security, or what ever the reason which motivated you to put security cameras in certain areas of your company or business.
You must also give the opportunity to your employees answer questions that you have regarding the installation of cameras, thus will not see them as a threat but as a useful working tool.
In the same form, send a press release or memo via e-mail or physically, will allow you to support you if ever a legal problem with respect to the privacy of employees.

Place them in visible places

While people act more naturally but they know that they are being recorded, it is important don’t use like security cameras spy cameras, especially if employees are already aware and they have not shown any type of discomfort.
If workers know the position of the cameras, will be quieter and will be satisfied, it is only recommended to use hidden cameras when a criminal is to be discovered, for example, in the lockers, employees have complained of constant burglaries, would be a good idea set up a spy to find out the person who carried out the theft.

Be prudent

You should take into account that you do not need to record the audio, it would be a way to invade the privacy of employees to record their private conversations. So as it is not necessary for the safety, the fact of recording audio, remember that you should only record video.
Also remember that you must not install security cameras in private places as they can be bathrooms, since that way you invades the privacy of people and can cause legal problems, also there is no reason to install a camera inside the baths.
But if you suspect that people lose time or use the toilets for activities that do not correspond to working time or physical needs of human beings, you can install one outside bathrooms, allowing you to observe people who come.


It is important before installing your business security cameras have present information that we discussed previously. If after reading this information you have decided to buy security cameras, we remind you that on our home page we have a wide variety of products, as well as articles that will help you to choose those which are most useful for your needs.