Scott Croyle, Director of Design of HTC, It Will Leave The Firm in The Coming Months [Grinding]

RECTIFICATION: HTC confirms us in a brief official statement that Scott Croyle will continue linked to the Taiwanese firm. It leaves his post in charge of the design team to work under direct orders of Peter Chou in the innovation and development of new generation of HTC products team.
The results drag, and in a competitive market today as it is the intelligent mobile phone we can assume that it is better to win playing badly than lose playing nice football analogy.
This is basically the summary of the history of Scott Croyle in HTC, and is that the director of design from Taiwanese manufacturer will leave his position at the company in the coming months, after leading the design team of the acclaimed One HTC and HTC One (M8).
Oddly enough, the history goes back to the dawn of the world smartphone, and Scott Croyle came to HTC after purchasing this One & Company Desing, an industrial design studio in San Francisco who had collaborated with them in the development of one of the most beautiful and attractive handsets that are remembered, as it is HTC Touch Diamond.
There is no doubt that Croyle is indisputable, as lines of design of HTC Marvel star to the world, and their two smartphones have received critical rather than positive, putting HTC on the highest step of the podium in terms of quality of design and construction of your devices.
However, and as already mentioned, the results have undermined the position of the up to now designer head of HTC, which despite being able to put on the market jewels of engineering as the HTC One, It has failed to translate the good reviews in a number of sales.

HTC simplifies its internal processes

Taiwanese manufacturer knows that it must change things to find different results, and it is that the market has punished them harshly in recent years, so the first thing that will be simplify your internal processes to facilitate decision making taking into account the needs of users.
Thus, the first important movement is the departure of Scott Croyle, who will leave the company gradually, continuing in the development of the next terminal HTC franchise team but gradually delegating responsibilities, which presumably will fall in Jonah Becker, his second trip to date.
The second change is in the software team, Drew Bamford ceases to be the head of the team of HTC Sense, integrating now in charge of all the company’s software development team, directly under the orders of Peter Chou. We know that HTC has fragmented Sense to release it on Google Play, necessary movement to remove weight to its intrusive and problematic Android customization.
“How can we compete with such giants? Emphasizing something, making us different to the attention of the public.””If it wasn’t for the HTC One we would have not gone anywhere. With him we have kept us afloat.”
Scott Croyle, in his interview with Engadget in the MWC2014

Scott Croyle left us his impressions in the past MWC2014

In the framework of the last Mobile World Congress 2014, our colleagues from Engadget had the opportunity to chat a bit with the own Scott Croyle in an interesting interview in which the still-director of design of HTC showed us his impressions leaving us also some touches on the future of the firm.
It was the own Croyle who uncompromising defending design premium that HTC had managed with its recent flagships, thing that distinguished them greatly with trite competition Android, looking for another type of users who not only wanted to force brute in hardware.
In addition, also spoke of the size of the screens would be something highly valued in the coming months, which predicted that the wearables would also reach massively.
It is clear that all these changes will not notice in HTC strategy in the short term, but it is good to see that Taiwanese manufacturer is already immersed in a reconversion process irrevocably which we hope will take them back to the forefront of the market.