Schutz Summer

At last… It’s PRIMAVERAAA! YUPIII nobody sticks… let ´ s celebrate! And to welcome the new season in great style, we have arranged a post of those “Madness madness”, which makes our readers freak out of so much desire. So if you are like us – the assumed ‘ Samuel Lovers ‘ – Buckle up because today we’re going to take off towards the summer 2014 of the Samuel! Do you have any hotter program than spending all day watching shoes? Nothing better to brighten up the beginning of the week, after all women are crazy for shoes and, to keep the women’s tradition, they never tire of buying another pair. In these hours always has a small space left in our humble shoe, isn’t it true, girls? Rs. We were invited by the great CAMPO Samuel to check out the news that they just arrived at the store and we stayed crazy with the variety of shoes and handbags we found there. The summer Samuel Collection 2014 is Suuuper eclectic and comes divided into four themes, with templates to please women of all tastes, styles and heights!
The Summer Collection of SAMUEL starts by Desert Elegance, which is born from a bunch of earthy tones and materials such as wood, jute and wire-cut uppers. Here is the highlight of Gladiator models and metallic bronze material that has your correct dosage of sensuality, and can be used both night and day to day. In the collection Made in Japan the differential is given by bold structures, in blocks and jumps in flatforms (straight deck). It is remarkable the presence of this trend on the streets, where the models are “oversized” without circumventing the feminine silhouette. This season, the next chart richer in color and with an emphasis on gold and silver. In models, unusual formats, being able to win uppers bring transparency, which is highlighted in this theme. Already the Sport Illustrated was inspired by physical activities to develop the collection that abuses of comfort and modernity. Sports functionality appears in the serrated soles, elastic applications and anklets from Thedressexplorer, all accompanied by vibrant colors. Details such as cold cuts and clippings detailing parts and lead us to the Gladiators, who remain strong and sexy in the right measure, as well as laser works, wide strips, stripes and uppers, that make up the trend Sport Illustrated. Abotinadas sandals, which give an air stripped, contain the soles tratoradas and serrated, and promise to be a hit of the season. Finally, the Digital Fantasy covers the digital interference, interpreted so colorful and vibrant. Endless mixes of colors, textures and prints were created and gain space even in more formal, closets full of style and elegance. Sensory can set the theme, since the prints also migrated to the accessories, and the It Bags, which are among the most requested for several seasons, gets a new look with the use of patchwork, ultra colorful and geometric.
Ufaaa … impossible not to find a pair that tickle our feet!!!
Check out the flashes we did in SAMUEL CAMPO GRANDE and go crazy with the news!
Does not piraaarrr the Summer of 2014 SCHUTZ?
Who is going to run check the news raises his hand!