Schutz High Summer

Obsession, tara, fascination, alienation, whim … the point is that women love shoes. You’ve noticed how the subject has appeared with some frequency here on the blog? Yes, our readers ask and we “humbly” attend to requests. The chicks stay adooora check out the latest news for the feet! Isn’t that right girls? Huh? KKKKK so today – to sharpen further the desire of sapatólatras on duty – brought to you flashes of the newest collection of SAMUEL CAMPO GRANDE!!! Come on girls … are so excited??? Is on the right foot – in high heels, of course! – the SCHUTZ comes into your high summer 2014. Call for Summer Holidays, the new collection is already in stores with the best of the trends at the station. Between the boldness of hides, ethnic prints, embroidery, fringes and applications of stones, the brand created four collections, titled of Grunge Anarchic, Gatsby, Ethnic Mirage and La Dolce Vita, which promise complete any look for summer and innovate the style of all the schutzlovers!
The Anarchic Grunge translates the style Punk, inspiration comes from the musical attitude most marked in history. The details of the uppers follow two paths, the minimalism with cutting the wire and adorned with details that they assimilate the transfers. The bold ornaments and geometric constructions are perfect for a rock ‘n’ roll look, and combined with more deprived parts provide originality next summer grunge. With inspiration from the movie “The Great Gatsby”, SCHUTZ developed the theme Gatsby, where the sumptuousness of the years 1920 transformed this theme in an excellent mix of families for the night. The color chart, based on the film’s cinematographer, varies in shades of nude and black, merged with very bright. Transparency and the precious stones appear in leather as on construction of the jumps! The Ethnic Mirage rescues the coolness of summer. With a dash of ethnic, the collection has the charm of parts worked with fringes, embroidery and beads, and earthy tones are perfect for lovers of bohêmio resort style! And with inspiration in the style of Italian seaside resorts, the collection La Dolce Vita with the Sicilian, print-exclusive ultra feminine, that appears in creeping with applications, fashion sandals with precious stones and natural materials. The pattern with the blue background offers a young and fun way to combine, and with pink background shows around all of the color so idolized in the feminine universe.
Enjoy the Summer Holidays!
On purchase of 3 items from the collection high summer 2014 you get a glasses (limited quantities) and with the purchase of 2 items from the store you get a kit!
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