São Paulo Fashion Week-Halloween Edition!

Despite being aimed for winter 2014, the São Paulo Fashion Week which ends this Friday (01/11) in Parque Villa Lobos in São Paulo, seems to have inspired greater Halloween, this horror show on the catwalks provided by those who, in theory, should be the biggest names in brazilian fashion.

What you see below is the sample purer than the brazilian fashion has to offer to us poor mortals, but just a warning: get the children and people of good taste away from the screen, because images can cause nausea according to vintageinconfidential.
So, let’s show Halloween costumes… I mean, the SPFW.
Cavalera-Fantasy: Al Qaeda Fashion
The brand once again made one of those parades mixture of show with party, seized the Arab-inspired and put women dressed as odalisques doing belly dancing on the catwalk, as if that wasn’t enough the reference so obvious and beat as distribute sfihas to the audience (which has not occurred, thank God!). The brand tried to divert attention so that no one would notice that the collection is a tremendous crap that has no reason to exist. The winter footwear Cavalera is a male Gladiator sandal, women no longer had harassed enough, and the oversized clothes, an infamous bet in a world where the male silhouette is increasingly hit the body, have given the tone of the show. Alberto Hiar, also known as “Turkish Crazy” is responsible for creative direction. The nickname of the subject explains a lot.
Ellus-Fantasy: Big Baby Of The Post
Everyone called for this oversized, it’s a nice name for clothing created by those who know nothing of trim, but nobody took it more seriously than the Ellus. Below you have examples of everything that should not be present in fashion and everything I never dress in my life. I wonder how the models were able to parade with this serious face! Note the subject from left, if we put a jet of air entering under his coat he becomes a “big baby of rank”, with the huge arms moving insanely.
Triton-Fantasy: Squizo Paradise
Grab a bag of the worst clothes that you can find, then call 3 schizophrenics and ask them to complete looks with those clothes. It’s made the parade of Triton. It’s hard looking trim these images and not to imagine those toys where you can do a mix from the top of a character with the bottom of another. Another brand that looks like you ignored the concept of winter and shoes totally open, not that they were going to save this disaster that was demented Cubism, but at least you could show some consistency, not?
Colcci-Fantasy: Black Stripe
Another that tries to distract the public with something more interesting than your shabby collection of clothes, in this case we have the top Gisele Bündchen entering at the beginning and end of the parade to cause a buzz can do forget the torture that is looking at these allegories of the samba school whose Carnival is probably a cheesy Gothic. The brand deserves an honorable mention for mixing all that couldn’t, with trim and a depressive maniac style. The Creative Director of the brand should clog black stripe medicine to reach this result.
John Pepper-Pimp Low Profile
And to think that I’ve seen some pretty interesting things this stylist! But let’s be fair, who lives off past is Museum, John Pepper always look to the future and the future man’s pimp style low profile, i.e. is extravagant in clothes, but conservative in color. Even on the website of FFW, official vehicle of the SPFW, no review of the collection, perhaps because even the most creative of the fashion editors, used to extol all the more bizarre that fashion has to offer, had the ability to make a single line about this nonsense.
Osklen-Fantasy: Football Match In Hell
To close with a flourish we left to show a small highlight of the parade, which is the biggest brazilian fashion buck: Oskar Metsavaht. The “stylist”, which most likely never heard of “trim” in life, is a specialist in exalt himself and his creations, but should spend more time trying to learn how to do more sets and less allegory. Here the obvious reference to football (look the opportunism) turned lawns in mal-ajambradas clothes and uniforms of teams in papers before the time of the Roman Empire. No wonder that the brand lives to sell t-shirts and shoes.
Worse than any film or horror story, probably these are the images that will get my sleep over the next few weeks, I can only hope that one of these psychos of more bloody tales appear and end my misery before next SPFW, because I don’t know if I can handle so much bad taste in a second dose.