Samsung Had The Opportunity to Invest in The Company of Android before That Google The Buy

We won’t discover the wheel to remember that in 2005 Google bought the company in charge of the Android operating system When he was at a very early stage of development and was years light from what is now at the level of system and Google services. Before this event history is not overly known since at the time was not given much importance.
Different stories about what happened since the formation of the company until the purchase of Google are gradually emerging, and discover how history could have been very different. It has just come to light one that of the adventures that Andy Rubin and his six companions went before joining the Mountain View company, including negotiations with Samsung.
In a very common investment round, they sought investors from several manufacturers, including the company of South Korea. Upon arrival, Andy showed in all the product, but the reply was quite unorthodox.
“Are you and what army going to do this? “You’re you and six people, you are wrong in the head?” It was what I was told. All conference room mocked me. This occurred two weeks before Google decided to buy the company.
We can classify this time as one of the great missed opportunities of the history of technology, Although Samsung investment would have changed the course of events, because the support of Google services has given a great support. In addition, Samsung is one of those who benefit most from the freedom of Android, so undoubtedly some benefit that has been removed.