Samsung Galaxy Touch 8 (Mobile)

Conclusion Of The 12.09.2017

The Galaxy win grade 8 in our test: it is Samsung’s currently biggest and costliest with 999 euro best smartphone. There remain the mass compared to the Galaxy S8 plus and iPhone 7 plus moderate. A real highlight is the beautiful, borderless display and the dual lens camera with 2 x zoom. Well, we like also the new S-pen functions. The internal memory Samsung can show generous given the price. Too bad also that to mark start still Android 7 and not the new Android runs 8 Oreo on the device.

Galaxy note 8 in the test: run-less time due to battery-gate

After the battery disaster to the Galaxy, the expectation of the new Galaxy big note 7 is rated 8. To avoid new problems, Samsung has decreased mAh battery capacity compared to the predecessor 200 Mah to 3,300. This is certainly somewhat surprising since the minimal “smaller”, Galaxy S8 plus 3,500 mAh offers. In our online run-time test that affects: the Galaxy achieved grade 8 good 9:54 hours, the Galaxy S8 plus runs but over an hour longer. Thanks to fast charging, the battery is again fully operational after 113 minutes, that’s afloat.
The performance of the noble smartphones is beyond all doubt. In the Galaxy, note 8 is as well as in the S8 and S8 plus the eight core processor of Exynos 8895 with up to 2.3 GHz clock frequency. Still, the Galaxy still a bit snappier touch acts 8 in some of our performance tests. So it invited about a complex test page in excellent 5.4 seconds (the two S8 models needed around 8.5 seconds). Differently than in the Galaxy S8 8 plug in note by the way, 6 GB memory and not 4 GB. Whether that provides better performance, it is difficult to say – the larger RAM improves but possibly the future-proofness.

Galaxy-note-8 package: Noble and yet waterproof

The Bill 8 comes in a very noble, very appealing to us at first touch. First of all, there will be the Golden and black Variant in Germany. Blue and gray come perhaps later. Despite its elegance, the case thanks to the IP86 standard of protection is waterproof. The phone fits well in the hand, fails with 162 millimeters but very long. It’s not more comfortably fits into closer host ash, and it feels also somewhat top-heavy, bottom holding it, to type.
The fingerprint scanner is placed next to the dual camera is also upwards. You must keep the device in the Middle, to achieve the scanner with your finger. How many cell phone users held we rather in the lower half of the mobile-this is however problematic. There were we adjust, to meet him. Alternatively you can Dodge but on the fleet face recognition or the iris scanner, to unlock the phone-it works reliably in our test device. Some users showed that the facial scanner trick can partly with an image, we could not reproduce but that.
The iris scanner is safe and works thanks to infrared in darkness, for that you have to hold the face directly (at a distance of 25 cm) from the mobile. If you use the Gesichtsscanner, you can keep himself tried everything from us something relaxed-the latter accepted incidentally also braid like open hair, headphones put on and goggles.

Display: Endless splendor

Main attention is paid to the so-called “Infinity display” with extra-wide QHD (2.960 x 1,440 pixels) resolution and 6.3 inches diagonal. Fonts, icons, photos are sharp, crisp on the display color AMOLED typical strong and brilliant. The screen represents 150 percent of the standard RGB color space and achieved a good maximum brightness of about 484 candela per square meter in the manual mode. In automatic mode, it switches but in Turbo mode when sunlight on the sensor. Then he lights with over 700 cd/m ² so bright that it is no problem at all to read him out when the sun shines.
Similar to operate other current Galaxy models from Samsung. Oppo F1 plus we measure a somewhat low contrast of chessboard (which is barely visible).
To make it short: the borderless, large display very much and is an eye splendor. But this big AMOLED Panel has an advantage: two apps use side by side, about Whatsapp and also Google maps. But, this split screen function doesn’t work with any app.

Grade-8 camera: dual lens & 2 x Pocket zoom

Samsung also sound screwed to the camera. The grade 8 is the first Samsung mobile phone with dual lens – including optical image stabilizer for both lenses. The main sensor has a bright maximum aperture of F1. 7. In combination with the second sensor, the background can be infinitely blurren, so that puts the person at the Center. This function is there already in the iPhone 7 plus or OnePlus 5, but not in this fine gradation. In the test that was very smooth, our tester came to the fore.
As well who liked the double “optical” zoom with F2. 4 aperture. Since both image sensors have a different focal length, motives in very good quality can be with the tele sensor in 2 x times magnification photographed. The result convincing: compared with enlarged digital recordings with the default sensor quality is significantly better. Who wants to scan distant objects, should tap “2 x” symbol in the camera screen so previously on the small. The normal sensor shoots the beautiful images but in direct comparison without magnification.
Convince photos by the way, also at daylight as in dim light in our laboratory and are primarily due to the very good Galaxy S8 level. The best quality in gloomy light still delivers according to our laboratory measurements HTC U11, which plays here really in a League of its own.

S-pen pimped: meaningful pin functions

What makes a real Galaxy notes? Right, the pen. And so there’s the S-pen in the note 8, the you can sink into the housing. He is small and touched something plastic-like, even the small activation button is not very user friendly. Here we would have liked an order PIN.
Samsung integrates new features, partly they come from Galaxy tab S3 already familiar. A function is called as “screen off memo”. You can like your shopping list, write notes directly on the lock screen and back PIN. So you jump these memos on sight in the eye, if you get the phone. Another exciting feature is the live translation. You can translate either single words or whole phrases by pressing and holding the top of the S-pen.Samsung uses the Google Translator for it. This is quite nice, the quality of the translation of set of is not perfect but. In addition you must remain partly some moments with the small stylus – it could run like faster.

Price and accessories: Only for well-heeled

The grade 8 is the most expensive Samsung mobile phone: 999 euro have to scroll down-no matter whether you the dual-SIM version Galaxy note 8 duo take or not. It rips a hole in your pocket. So: who do without the S-pen and the dual camera, is with the Galaxy S8 plus not bad, but much cheaper there. In addition to the standard version, Samsung sold incidentally a model with dual SIM.
Who is the mobile had pre-ordered until mid-September, the docking station received Samsung Dex otherwise 160 euro free to-it costs extra. This is not an inductive charger, but in the ability to be able to use the phone as a desktop computer. This is about when games sense, if you continue at home rather would gamble on the large screen of the PC;also Office applications can be done better.