Samsung Galaxy SII Scares in Benchmarks

We have spoken before in Xataka Android results in the Benchmarks different phones and know that normally those scores are relative and have nothing to do with usability and final speed of any device. However, like all talk about numbers, compare and, in other words, “see who has it larger”.

We already knew that the dual – core processor Samsung Exynos that it be mounted Galaxy SII was powerful and would operate at the terminal with solvency, but none expected was that your comparison to others would be so unbalanced.

As we can see in the image above, the test Smartbench Samsung Galaxy SII almost doubles HTC Sensation in score, in the games both the productivity test, what remains surprising, since the Sensation is one of leading handsets with similar on paper and very powerful hardware.

In Quadrant, as we can see, the new flagship of Samsung reaches a not inconsiderable number of 3053 points, but as we have said, we know that all these tests are not an exact reality reflection, if we provide an indication of what you can expect from the hardware a Terminal.

Now only it we will have the more reliable test, which is which will make with our own hands in the daily use of the terminal, though while we wait for the commercialization of these new smartphones us we must comply with such tests.

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