Samsung Galaxy S6 Mini: Samsung Is Still a Small Galaxy S6?

Samsung’s Smartphone upper class are there in large (Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge) and greater (Galaxy S6 edge +). But the flagships are too expensive and unwieldy just many German users. For these customers, Samsung brought mini, in recent years with Galaxy S3 S4 mini and S5 mini scaled-down versions of the top devices out. This time was the sequel: A Galaxy S6 won’t give it mini in Europe, in recent months emphasized Samsung Manager reviewed image to our site. Instead Samsung opts for models of the A – and J-class, including Galaxy A3, A5 Galaxy, Galaxy J5.

Samsung Galaxy S6 mini: technical data

In October 2015 germinated hope up for the first time: on the Internet, making photographs (phonearena) showed a shrunken version of the Galaxy S6. Now there is new talk: the online shop from the United Arab Emirates listed briefly the Samsung Galaxy S6 mini. An official product photo did not show the dealer, gave technical details: thus has the Galaxy S6 mini over a 4.6 large AMOLED touch screen with Gorilla glass 4 and 720 p resolution, Snapdragon-808-processor, 2 gigabytes of labour and 16 gigabyte data store, one 15 and a 5-megapixel camera, NFC and Android 5.1. Meanwhile the shop took the alleged offer from the network.

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Fast, compact, sharp camera

Also a new device named Samsung SM-W2016, where it could be mini to the Galaxy S6 can be found in the database of the graphics test program gfxbench. Therefore the new smartphone with 4.6-inch display would be smaller than the flagships and not as sharp with 1280 x 768 pixels. But not slow: the Exynos-7 processor from Samsung is designed to help the pixel juggling the entry according with eight cores and up to 2.1 ghz. The memory may be nominally 64 gigabytes 3 gigabytes of internal memory (gfxbench indicates the space instead of the nominal values here which is smaller). More data: A camera with 15, the 4.7 megapixel front camera. Android 5.1.1 lollipop would be on board, as the operating system. Official Samsung did not comment yet to the device. Unclear that whether the data really mini include an S6, a technically similar device of A – or J-series is also conceivable.

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Assessment: Galaxy S6 mini rumors

Especially Germans love the Samsung mini series. It is quite possible that Samsung still change his plans for the most important European market and at the end of the S6 brings a mini version. Hopefully with a little bedraggled technique and with a full-HD display, so that the distance to the normal S6 is not too large. Much cheaper can, but doesn’t have the S6 to be mini, because there’s finally got the a-class with chic affordable metal mobiles and the J-class for very cheap and smaller devices.