Samsung Galaxy S5 Is Warming Up with More Rumor Mill: Two Finishes in Metal or Plastic, and More Details

It seems that the new terminal the Korean giant Samsung star is very close, and that the media machinery and the rumor mill around the fifth generation already in the Galaxy S series they have soared in recent weeks.
At CES we saw some Korean representatives released hints about the future Samsung Galaxy S5, and now very reliable sources seem to have confirmed the children of SamMobile specifications and many details about which Samsung will teach us with their standard bearer for 2014.

Samsung Galaxy S5, two finishes in metal or plastic and screen 2K

It seems that Samsung has taken note of criticism on their finishes in polycarbonate, so new materials research would finally give its fruit, with a Galaxy S5 you can choose in two finishes: metal-plastic.
Obviously, there will be a difference in size and weight between the two versions, but not only that, it seems that the policy will be similar to the Apple. In this case both models share hardware, but metal premium version will have a higher price, around 800 euros, while the plastic model will be around 650 euro which are still common on high-end.
In addition, stated that the version with metallic finish could be called Galaxy F, thus returning the old filtration over the range premium Series Samsung F.
Also we talked about that the terminal will grow again, this time to host one 5.25 SuperAMOLED screen inches with resolution 2K (2560 x 1440 pixels), information that seems to be confirmed as the standard of high-range during 2014. The camera for its part would go to the 16-Megapixel, although unconfirmed details about whether there will be technology Isocell or optical stabilizer.

Again two chipsets, Exynos and Snapdragon

Once again, we will see two different chipset version Buy Samsung flag Terminal, and it is that Koreans have very advanced Exynos 6 with 64-bit architecture to leave everything in the hands of Qualcomm.
Thus, Qualcomm will put its new Snapdragon 805 at the service of some versions of the S5 Galaxy, while the 64-bit Exynos will play other versions, not knowing yet if both will have LTE support or only the Snapdragon will support this technology.
What we don’t know is which chipset will be present in each version, although it is speculated that the metallic premium model would stay with Exynos 6 64-bit architecture, while the plastic version would use the option of Qualcomm.
The terminal will not occur as they say in the Mobile World Congress 2014, they will wait at a private event in March for a launch in early April, tracing dates compared to last year.

There will be renovation for the Galaxy S family

Has not given any details about them, more than the confirmation of that There will be renovation for the Galaxy S range Zoom and Mini versions, terminals that saw the light with the fourth generation and that focus to the more affordable range first and photographic hybrids the second.
The logical thing would be to see Galaxy S5 Zoom in may, with extended photographic capabilities and hardware according to the high mid-range; While the S5 Galaxy Mini would be on the market in early summer, hopefully this time without lowering range and pursuing the strategy of the Compact Sony Z1,
We will surely see a legion of leaks, rumors and details in the coming weeks, and it is that close to the Mobile World Congress dates are always very entertaining. Just in case, you do not desconectéis too.