Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Shows New Interface TouchWiz, East Would Be Its Appearance

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 takes starring rumors for weeks and they are intensifying as it approaches its launch date, scheduled for August 2. It is already practically confirmed that the next phablet of the South Korean brand It will be the Note 7 and not Note 6 as expected, a form that its two star (Galaxy S7 and Note 7) have the same number.
Names to part, the phablet of Samsung is giving much to speak for their possible technical specifications, but in this case the software is the protagonist. The Italian Middle HDblog has posted a video which shows the new version of TouchWiz interface. It is still in beta, but all indications are that it will debut officially with Note 7.

A cleaner TouchWiz without renouncing the customization

One of the rumors circulating around the anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 7 refers to a new interface dubbed Grace UX. We don’t know how symbolize it, but thanks to the video on these lines we already know some details of what we have prepared Samsung.
The company maintains the spirit that we already knew by late deliveries of its visual layer, simplifying sections such as the quick settings menu, to get rid of the usual round icons to make way for a more clean look. Also the settings menu has been reorganized, and in general it has opted for a softer color palette.
The customization will remain a very important pillar of TouchWiz. Maintaining store themes, but also Samsung could release a new section where users can download packs of icons.
One of the most striking is a system that reminds us of much Force Touch screens, but without that panel has this technology. Simply making a ‘swipe up’ (slide up) into an icon, a small open pop-up menu with additional functions, very similar to what Apple proposed with the 6s iPhone 3D Touch screen.
If the predictions do not fail, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will arrive on August 2 with a iris scanner, QHD 5.8-inch screen, processor 88093 Exynos of eight cores, 12-megapixel camera and a battery of 4,000 milliamps.